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Defaulted account

Help me please! I have no where else to turn to, I have exhausted all known avenues and now need someone to please help me.

I have a BT account that defaulted - I was unaware of this. I have now settled this debt with a debt collector agency but I am still being declined at the initial stage of applying for a mortgage. They have said I need BT to either send me a letter saying it is settled or put a notice of correction on my account. How do I get this done? I have spoken to people at BT and they say it is down to Equifax, I have spoken to Equifax and they have said it is down to BT. 

I am unable to buy a property because of a small amount of money that was allegedly due on an account and I have now paid off (with interest)! 

Help me please 

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Re: Defaulted account


I have now settled this debt with a debt collector agency

The company that you paid the debt to are the owner of the debt, if you have paid them now, it would be the debt company who need to update your credit file, once updated the debt should show as 'satisfied'

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