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Defective Home Hub 5 - how to get a replacement

In addition to all my trouble with BT TV in combination with Infinity 3 FTTP (, I also received a faulty Home Hub 5. THe internet connection drops every few minutes and it is completely unusable. As soon as I connect my Home Hub 4 with the same cables, the connection is perfectly stable.


I contacted BT by e-mail and after several useless exchanges telling me that it could have external reasons or the wiring could be the problem (no it can't, as it is working with the HH4), I was asked to provide a time I am at home and reachable, so that someone can call me and check the HH5 connection. This Saturday morning I got a call and was told that they cannot help me as I have FTTP (what a surprise, it is visible in my account and I mentioned having Infinity 3) and they have to transfer me to the Fiber team. The forwarded call got lost after no one picked up and I received this e-mail:


"As per the conversation we had over the phone I have transferred your call to the FTTP desk, as we are from the copper line desk we cannot proceed further to deal this issue. You can also try reaching them at 0800 800 151 (12pm to 8pm Mon - Fri). Please do write back to us for further queries." I.e. I got forwarded to a team that was not even available today.


So to summarise:

- It is completely obvious that my Home Hub 5 (I paid £50 for) is faulty and just needs to be replaced

- Instead BT is wasting my time again and again giving me completely random reasons why it might not work

- While I mentioned it multiple times and it has to be visible in my account, I apparently was contacted by the wrong team for days

- While BT offers Infinity 3/4 FTTP they don't seem to have any idea how to support / handle it. They cannot give me BT TV, they cannot even give me any kind of support with a faulty router


It is just absolutely incredible ...

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Re: Defective Home Hub 5 - how to get a replacement

Doesn't help you but why did you buy a HH5 if your HH4 was working OK? 


Try a factory reset of the homehub by pressing a pin

into the recess button on the rear for about 20 seconds.


lf that doen't help recontact BT sales where I presume you got the HH5 from and inform them its faulty and you want it replaced or your money back.

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Re: Defective Home Hub 5 - how to get a replacement

I thought the HH5 would be needed for FTTP due to the integrated modem - which is not the case.


Did a factory reset but it didn't solve the problem. Will try to contact BT once again (although haven't had much success so far).


Thank you

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Re: Defective Home Hub 5 - how to get a replacement

For FTTP, the ONT must plug into the red broadband wan socket on the HH5. This bypasses the built-in modem.
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Re: Defective Home Hub 5 - how to get a replacement

Yes, that is how it is set up.

I just thought before ordering that the HH5 would be used as a modem. While this is not the case, I would still be happy to keep it but since it is not working, I would like to get a refund

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Re: Defective Home Hub 5 - how to get a replacement

The modem built into the Hub5 is only used for FTTC and not FTTP for fibre connections

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Re: Defective Home Hub 5 - how to get a replacement

But he can still make good use of the AC wifi with the hub 5, seeing as he's on FTTH
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