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Deleted my entire Inbox

Good afternoon community.


I have an issue i can't find an answer through Google.


I have lost all of my read emails from my inbox. I still have some left that are unread. these go back to Monday 16th July.

Has anyone had this issue? and does anyone have an answer for it?


It is extremely frustrating as i have e-mails from family far away including attachments of photographs and memories that have now dissapeared.


If anyone has an answer as to why this has happened, or a way in which i can retrieve these missing e-mails i would be extremely grateful.


Is there a glitch with BTMail? Is it possible I have been hacked? I still have the e-mails i have saved into folders, it is simply the read inbox messages that have dissapeared.



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Re: Deleted my entire Inbox

Hi, welcome to the forums.

I assume you only use webmail to check emails, and not an email client/app such as Thunderbird, claws mail etc?

If so - it is totally recommended that you use something at least as a back up in case of situations such as this.

I don't believe it's anything like being hacked, otherwise unread emails would probably not show either.

You say it's BTMail, is your account BTYahoo or BTMail? If it's BTYahoo, then there is a Yahoo image at the top.

I've not checked, but is there an option to hide all read emails?

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