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Deleting and Moving emails

I have tried to delete multiple emails and get message unexpected error.  Cancel and do it again it is ok.  The same if I want to move multiple emails to my folders error message occurs, cancel move do again and it is ok.  Really annoying.  Still having problems with recent emails showing even though I have set to every minute.

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deleting emails from inbox

Since last week I cannot delete anything from my inbox, just get a pop-up saying unexpected error.  Can anyone explain this?

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Difficult to delete e mails

Having real problems deleting e mails. Sometimes it works  then I get a message saying unexpected error. I change the view to conversation that works maybe once. I'll click the box for the e mails I want to delete but can only do about 3 or 4 as the boxes just untick themselves . This happens no matter what computer I use.

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Error Messages

When I delete or move e-mails from the tick boxes I keep getting error message saying I have moved it while signed in from another device and the e-mails stay in my inbox. (I haven't signed in from another device, I'm just using one device and not signed in on another)

How can I fix this?  

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Re: Deleting and Moving emails

Still cannot move or delete multiple emails. Check box alongside several emails and try 'Delete' 'Unexpected Error'. Try 'Move' 'My Folder' 'Unexpected Error' Persist and the systems just hangs and has to be shut down. Really frustrating that such a basic function doesn't work on a system that has been so long in the making.

Why move us from Yahoo  when the BT Email package it is clearly not fit for purpose yet.

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Re: Deleting and Moving emails

Amongst the many other problems with the email webpage  UI (User Interface) there also seems to be a problem with deleting emails in bulk. BT are apparently aware of the problem and are allegedly working on a fix.

The following are not suggested as "fixes" but as a "work around" you could try the following:-

Click on the box to the left of the first email you want to delete and assuming you want to delete all the emails that are below that you can either press on your keyboard  "shift" key and "PgDn" key repeatedly and it will mark all the other emails with a tick or use the "shift" key and the down arrow. This will also mark all the boxes with a tick or tick the first box you want to delete and holding the shift key move to the last email you want to delete and tick its box and release the shift key. All the emails in between should now be ticked.

If you don't all the emails that have been marked with a tick deleted you need to go down the list and untick the ones you want to keep.

Once you have done that you then click on the "Delete" button in the menu bar which should delete them on mass however if it does not work, once they have all been ticked, you should try to drag and drop them into the trash folder.

The same applies if you want to move emails to another folder, use drag and drop.

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