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Deleting unused email addresses

I know that this has been raised before, but I wonder if it is possible to enter a plea for a bit of common sense to be used in relation to BT’s policy on “unused” email addresses.

In common, I imagine, with a lot of other people, I have a number of BT email addresses used for various purposes. However, in order to have my emails in one place, they are all set to “auto-forward” emails to a Gmail address. It follows that the addresses are undoubtedly used, but because the emails are all forwarded elsewhere the addresses are regarded by BT as “unused”, meaning that I have to log into each separately every 90 days in order to keep them.

Surely it would be possible for BT’s systems to see that an address is receiving emails and forwarding them to an active address and so recognise that the addresses are used rather than treat them as “unused”.

Or am I missing something?

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Re: Deleting unused email addresses

BT's policy is that you need to log in at least once every 90 days.

I expect this is to ensure that the account is actually still being used by a person who is still alive. It could be that if a person dies or even just forgets about the account that it is only forwarding emails that could just be junk or marketing emails if not spam.

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Re: Deleting unused email addresses


Thank you for replying.

What you describe might well be the thinking, but surely in that case it would be sufficient for me to log into my "favourite" or principal email address rather than having to log into them all seperately.

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Re: Deleting unused email addresses

Each email address is a stand alone email address. BT do not know if it is you using those addresses or whether you have allowed your family/friends to use them.

In any event, it is what it is and I doubt BT will change it.