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Deliberately paid to replace your phoneline?

Just curious to know if anyone has paid to replace their phone line to their house from the cabinate/pole? How much did it cost and was it easy to get BT to do it.


Before Broadband (BB), I recall buying a separate line for my old dial-up connection, just to free up the phone. The folks were getting annoyed as nobody could phone them or they phone out. Ah nostalga! The sound of the stangled duck as you connected.

Anyway I found the new line such an improvement in speed. Not so sure if it makes as much difference with broadband, though discussions do mention about crackling lines and other background noises on the phone will affect broadband.


Just wondering if anyone has bit the bullet, took a chance, and paid to replaced their line rather than continue to try and get an engineer out on a certain day when broadband keeps dropping, the tests says the lines fine when all you can hear is crackling.



I wonder what is the life span of a phone line? Is there a replacement schedule for all lines where they get replaced after x years?


You think what those lines have to go through, tightening in the cold, expanding in the heat. Wind and rain. How good is the insulation on the cables? The wires themselves are fairly fine strands so how easy do they break.

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Re: Deliberately paid to replace your phoneline?

Openreach will only replace a line if it is faulty they do not just do it if you offer to pay their are lines of over 25 years + in daily use
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