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Demolish old house; rebuild new one

I have a property with an existing BT line installed, but wish to demolish it and rebuild a new house 30 metres away. The existing line comes into the property underground (there are no overhead lines across my property).


I have spoken to BT about what to do concerning moving the line to the site of the new build and was told to phone Open Reach on 0800 023 2023, but apart from getting incredibly annoying plinky plonky musaz and an equally annoying automated voice apologising every 10 seconds for the long wait, I cannot get through. Eventually, the line just disconnects.


From reading the forums I can see that dealing with BT and Open Reach as a member of the public in a resdiential property is a nightmare and am trying to get ahead of the game. The property will be built by the end of September 2013.


Does anyone have a cunning way to get through to Open Reach and actually speak to a human?


It never fails to amaze me that the business responsible for our telecommunications is by far the most difficult utility to deal with by phone.


Thanks for any advice you can offer,





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Re: Demolish old house; rebuild new one

Hi and welcome

You could try this link HERE// it is for the removal and or shifting of Openreach cables and or equipment. If you explain that you will want the cable put back into the new premises they will prob supply you with underground ducting to install whilst you are doing external groundworks.

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Re: Demolish old house; rebuild new one

Hi  As your post was nearly 6 years ago, you may not receive this, but I wondered how you got on with your problem of moving your line. A similar problem seems to be resulting in a bill for over £1,000 and I wondered if your costs were anything like that.

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Re: Demolish old house; rebuild new one

How much the cost of the Network Rearrangement is varies on what work and stores is involved.

Obviously Openreach are going to charge you for such costs because contrary to popular belief BT/Openreach are a Business and not a Social Service.
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