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Desperate to open ports

I bought a ps4, benq gaming monitor, battlefield hardline and upgraded to BT infinity 76meg internet hoping it would give me a slight gaming advantage. It feels like everyone has much faster reactions when it comes down to a one on one shootout and generally i feel cheated when everyone seems to have the drop on me. I'm pretty sure it's my internet causing this. So i followed the instructions for the BT home hub 5 to port forward battlefield hardline on ps4. I followed the instructions to the letter but according to various online port checking tools the ports are still closed. I also have not noticed even the slightest change when it comes down to my gaming. It feels like my opponents have the reactions of neo from the matrix.

If anyone can help me with this i would be very appreciative. If you would like any more information then just let me know. I'm desperate to get this resolved.

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