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Despicable behaviour from BT

Hi guys, 

I bought a small business in July 14. The previous owners were customers of BT and duly informed them they had sold the business. I am NOT a customer of BT. . Imagine my surprise when I received a bill from them for advertising. I duly informed them that I did not want/ order or in fact knew anything about this.  BT wrote back stating that I had signed a contract, which they couldn't produce and insisted I owed them the money in accordance with their terms and conditions. 


Firstly, I did not authorise this listing in the phone book. 

I was not aware it existed. 

I did not sign any contract.

i did not see any terms or conditions

in fact I NEVER spoke to any member of staff from BT since starting my business.


they have since sent my"debt" to two debt collection companies. 


I wrote to BT in JUNE and even offered to pay half as a goodwill gesture. They told me it would have to go to a manger for authorisation. I heard no more until today another debt collector contacted me. 


I am at my wit send as it is a  new business for me and this is extremely stressful. I cannot get though to BT. They tell me to go through the debt collectors. I call them and they refer me back to BT. 


I have aver emailed them and told them to sort it. Enforce 1st of Sept or I am going to my solicitor, every social media site etc. 


can anyone please help! A new business is hard enough without companies doing this.

thanks in advance



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Re: Despicable behaviour from BT

Welcome to the BT Residential forum

As you are a business user, please could you post on the BT Business forum at
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