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Re: Destiny 2 Connection Issues

This issue has been going on since the morning of the 31st 2017 for me.The xbox one console will not connect to the servers no matter what has been has been made aware of the issue but as of now there is no clarification as to who is at fault here.I have the bt hub 5 so there is no chance of trying ivp6 testing (thanks bt for the 2017 rollout out ivp6 NOT).Do not try using a vpn through this hub it will not work.Resetting the hub dont bother,hard reset the console dont bother,port fowarding dont bother.If your console has open nat its not the console.All Microsoft services are up and running so who is to blame for this? All other games and connections work as intended except Destiny 2.There is only one viable solution which is using a vpn connection on your pc,connecting the console to pc and running a server of a non British connection.But who would go to all this trouble and pay extra just for one game.What has changed over the Christmas period? Who is at fault here? There does not seem to be any response other than "We are looking into it" from both parties.You may have throttled back over Christmas due to high usage but that still does not explain the reasons behing one particular fustrating festive period and beyond where my son cannot play his game and expansion that costs a fair whack of money.We need answers not blame games or playground "he did it" antics.We need more posts here with this issue not just through the Bungie forums then maybe just maybe we will get something definitive.

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Re: Destiny 2 Connection Issues

I wish I had seen this thread earlier as I have wasted so much time on this!!

I recently replaced my Xbox with a One X so thought it was that causing the issue. Xbox is reporting all services are available and NAT is Open and other online games work fine e.g. The Division.


I tried the 'use alternate port' setting and forwarded that additional port to my Xbox. I was accasionally able to connect and play but was often losing connection to Destiny servers. Destiny 2 was also reporting I have a strict NAT when in settings it showed Open even after rre-running the test.



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Re: Destiny 2 Connection Issues

I'm on Infinity 1 with HH5 (Nat 2) using PS4 Pro and have experienced no problems at all (yesterday/today)


No error codes etc., Very strange


I notice Destiny is down for maintenance (again!) tomorrow (3/1) so hopefully it'll be fixed for everyone then.

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Re: Destiny 2 Connection Issues

I have the exact same thing in Milton Keynes, been working for months now drops out and shows connection errors. Tether to my phone is the only way to get online for destiny at the moment which isnt good.
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Re: Destiny 2 Connection Issues

.....well.... something interesting happened... my (BT) internet connection "died" at around 14:00 (UK time) which kicked me out of my connection to work.


After 20 minutes of waiting, I lost patience and rebooted the HH5


Then (just in case my boss happens to read this  Smiley Wink ) I carried on working when the connection was restored, but out of interest, I've just (at 15:45) taken a look at D2 and I can confirm that even though it's a bit slow to load, I could take my character to the Tower and all the NPC's appeared - along with other players.


I then tried a public event and when I started, the other players were "ghosted out" but after a few seconds they appeared as normal and I continued with the public event with no issues.


I'm not sure if this may be because there is more bandwidth available right now and the problem may return this evening, or whether a "fix" has been applied which caused my connection to fail this afternoon (seems very co-incidental though...).


Sadly, I can't really do much more testing on D2 becase I really do need to carry on working, but it's certainly an improvement over the past 48+ hours.


Hopefully anyone reading this might be able to take a look and confirm that the problem appears to be fixed, or is at least subsiding.





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Re: Destiny 2 Connection Issues

My destiny 2 seems fine now. If anything perhaps loading a little faster than before. I've not pushed it hard, but have had zero issues so far (knock on wood)
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Re: Destiny 2 Connection Issues

Same here. Loads up fast, verifies content and loads into game with no issues for public events etc. 

So much difference from yesterday. 

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