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Device Bandwidth Usage

I am looking for easy and cheap way of checking the bandwidth used by individual devices on my network or by all devices connected to the BT Hub.


So far I have found quite a few software programs that will let me do this but they are very expensive and involve setting up servers to monitor the devices connected to my hub.


It seems the only way I can do this is by as I am not a software progammer is by disconnecting each device in turn then checking the amount of bandwidth used on a daily basis with with each device disconnected in turn.  This a long winded way of checking bandwidth use by device but not accurate as there are other things on the network of devices that use bandwidth for instance BT Wifi to name only one.


This is getting quite an obsesion for me 🙂 as I would l like to see what device uses most bandwidth or other devices on my network that are hogging bandwidth this is not so easy as it would seem so if anyone has any ideas on how this device checking could be done easily please let me know 

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