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Devices connected to Home Hub 6 via Powerline

Hi all, first post so please be gentle!


I've received my shiny new Home Hub 6 (Smart Hub) today and all my wired and wireless devices appear to have connected without any issues.  The only problem I can see is that I have a couple of devices connected using some TP-Link Powerline plugs.  The primary plug is wired to one of the ethernet ports on the back of the hub, I then have 2 devices wired to the plug at the other end.  Devices are working fine but when looking at My Network within the Home Hub admin I can only see the primary wired plug, not the 2 devices connected to the other end.


Normally I wouldn't bother as everything seems to be working but I would like to be able to use Access Control on one of those devices connected to the powerline plug but I can't because I'm unable to see it on the network.


Many thanks for any advice.

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Re: Devices connected to Home Hub 6 via Powerline

Are the devices connected to the TP-Link Wi-Fi plug set to DHCP or using static IP addresses?

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Re: Devices connected to Home Hub 6 via Powerline

Welcome to this user forum.


You may find that the problem is specific to the TP Link Powerline adapters, as the problem does not occur with the BT Home Hotspot 600.


I don`t think the TP Link ones allocate a different IP address to each slave unit, but instead, just uses its internal MAC addressing.


I also think you may find that the access control feature is not very effective.






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