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Devices dropping connection on BT Infinity

Hi there,


Just wondering if anyone can help with some connection issues with BT Infinity. It started on the last router a couple of months ago probably mid october. We got a replacement router in about a month ago and I actually think its got worse.


Problems appear as follows:


  1. When you turn on a device it will be limited connectivity straight away and will take a few minutes before you can access a webpage.
  2. Devices will drop out randomly sometimes after an hour, mostly less than hour.
  3. Xbox 360 cannot stay online for long, my online gaming has went out the window completely.

Not sure what the issue is, two routers have now shown these symptons. Microfilters are where they need to be.


When I click the button to run a speed test for fibre in the home infinity, it tells me I dont have BT Infinity, I think there might be an issue with the account or line.


Software on router: Software version (Type A)


If anyone can suggest troubleshooting or a solution please let let me know.





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Re: Devices dropping connection on BT Infinity

Just an FYI my log is showing loads of BLOCKS I know it's the firewall, but they are significant in number
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Re: Devices dropping connection on BT Infinity

You should not need micro filters. Your master socket should have had a filtered faceplate fitted which would have done away with the need for filters.


Do you have a white Openreach modem and a Homehub?


Use this speed tester then carry out the further diagnostics and post back all the results including your IP profile for up and down.

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Re: Devices dropping connection on BT Infinity

Sorry yeah you are right there is a faceplate fitted. I do have a white openreach modem and the black home hub 3.0.




Download: 43.05

Upload: 12.73

Ping: 38


This is weird it says I am not on fibre:


"No Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) services have been found at this address. Please check the postcode or use the Telephone Number or Service ID to conduct the test.
Click here to try again"



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Re: Devices dropping connection on BT Infinity

Are the drop outs on wireless or wired?


Make a direct connection from your PC to the modem which will eliminate the homehub. Follow this guide to do that. Use your computer as normal and run the speed test again also check to see if the connection drops. If it stays connected it would suggest a faulty homehub.

Step 1: Remove the homehub from the modem

Step2: Connect your pc/laptop into the modem using LAN1 port

Step3: Open network and sharing centre on windows and click set up a new connection or network

Step4: Connect to the internet then click make a new connection Broadband PPPoE

Step5: Username and the password as BT

Step6: connect, If it doesn't,keep pressing try again until it does.