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Devices dropping out

I have infinity 2 running on a HH3 and everyday one or more devices drop off and the next day are back on wi-fi then another one or two drop off. I have rebooted hub which solves the problem till the next day. I have turned off and on devices but its puzzling me. Any ideas anyone?

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Re: Devices dropping out

@mootanclan have you tried changing the wireless channel yet? 

BT Home Hub 3

  1. Open the Hub Manager by going to https://bthomehub.home or in your web browser
  2. If this is the first time you have visited the Hub Manager you will be asked to change the password
  3. Click on Settings and enter your password if required.
  4. Click on the Wireless tab
  5. Find the Channel Selection option and using the drop down menu you can choose a new channel. First try channels 1, 6 or 11
  6. Click Apply to confirm the change. Then wait 60 seconds for your computer to automatically discover the new settings. There's no need to change any settings on your computer
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