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Diabolical Service - how do they get away with it?!

I signed up to BT Total Broadband (I would have ordered Infinity, but I was told that I'd be upgraded for free once it is rolled out to my area) a couple of weeks ago.  Booked in the line engineer visit.  And then, after this visit, discovered the extent of the 'crocodile hand' / 'sloped shoulder' syndrome in BT.


Day 0: Welcome kit


- Welcome kit arrives - faulty HomeHub 3 which does not switch on.  NOT a good sign, however I speak to the support line who promise that a replacement will arrive in 2 days (unfortunately not in time for my line installation).


Day 1: The Line Installation Date


- 3.30pm - On Wednesday (20th) during the 5 hour line installation window the "engineer" turned up on time - no problems there. 

- He spent 15 minutes checking the two phone ports in my first floor living room, decided that one was no live, then plugged a device into the other port and went outside.

- 3.45pm - Wondering what was going on, I wandered outside to find him sitting in his van on the phone.  Apparently he was on the phone with Sky, being put on hold whilst trying to get the line transfered.

- 4pm - My landlord's assistant arrives at my flat, during which the "engineer" returned into my flat, picked up the device plugged into the port, then told me that it will take a couple of days before the line will be set up due to issues at Sky.


Day 2a: The Technical Support


- 6pm - Phone call from a technical helpline at BT stating that they cannot send me my replacement HomeHub because my line installation was not complete.  Bit confused - as they should have already dispatched it...

- The guy on the end of the phone then said that he needed to arrange a second installation date - 4 July is the first date that they can do!?!

- Story number 1: Clearly I'm shocked - tell him that this is unacceptable... he then tells me that the "engineer" was unable to gain access to my flat on the appointment day.  Implying that it is my fault!  I was in the flat the entire time. Let the engineer in.  My landlord's assistant saw him there.  I tell the tech guy that the engineer is telling a blatant lie!

- Story number 2: Tech guy phones up BT openzone again - and the returns with a new fabrication... this time the story has changed to: Yes - the "engineer" turned up but he was unable to gain access to the First Floor.  Now - getting annoyed here - I explain twice to the Tech guy that my living room is on the first floor of my flat - and this is where "engineer" found the line ports.

- Story number 3: Tech guy phones up BT openzone again - once again, a new story.  Apparently the "engineer" needed to get to the top floor of the building?!?  WHAT DOES HE NEED TO DO THAT FOR??? 

     - First of all this would be my upstairs neighbours flat - so why does he need access to my neighbours flat!  The Tech Guy couldn't answer that... answers on a postcard!

     - Second of all, "engineer" did not tell me about a need to access the upstairs flat.  My landlord's assistant was in the room with us whilst he was finishing up - and if he had mentioned it then, the assistant would have been able to use his master key from the bundle of keys he carries around to let the engineer in!


Day 2b: Customer support


- Eventually I'm passed by Tech support to Customer support after saying that I give up and want to cancel my order.

- Friendly initially - understood the problem - I had wasted a day's leave to deal with an incompetent, blatant liar of an "engineer"...

- Then - out come the slopey shoulders!  Thinking this a reasonable request - I ask for free BT Openzone Wifi for the duration of the delayed installation (i.e. from 21 June to 4 July).  I did not ask for compensation for lost holiday - something I feel I should be owed...

- She goes off to speak to her boss - and comes back to say that no compensation will be given?!  Can anyone tell me what my rights are in this situation as it seems completely diabolical? 

- To add insult to injury, she tells me that the reasoning for this is that - a different BT division provide the "engineers" for both BT and Sky.  So if I cancelled my order and went for Sky, it would take just as long to get the line installed?!?!  Can you believe the complete and utter lack of respect from these people!?




- What are my rights in this situation?  Can I force BT to expedite the installation?

- Who can I complain to - both at a senior level within BT, and also to an external third party?

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Re: Diabolical Service - how do they get away with it?!

Hi I suggest you contact the forum moderators at this link they will take personal ownership of your problem nag keep you regularly informed of progresss they normallyreply within 3working days to you personally by either email or phone they have a very good reputation for getting problems. Resolved

What you said in the last part of your post was correct Openreach who do the install under ofcom rules haveto treat all service providers lik BT sky talk talk etc equally so yes it would take as long to install