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Did my hub suddenly break?

I've been using the 5ghz network on the HH5 as my main connection since I had it installed. Under the 5ghz wireless settings I have the "Sync with 2.4 GHz" turned off, so I get two seperate SSIDs in my home, one for 2.4ghz and the other 5ghz. 


But all of a sudden the 5ghz speed has capped at just under 30 mbps. My connection speed is 63 mbps. If I connect to the 2.4ghz SSID I still get 63 mbps. So what happened here? Did the 5ghz chip somehow get damaged? 


I've tried switching from automatic channels to a fixed channel but it didn't help. I don't want to reset the modem either as I don't want to affect the speed and get into that DLM business again.


Is there any way I can find out if its a hardware problem?


Here's a speed test on wholesale:


2.4ghz network:


Download speed: 63.64
Upload: 11.04
Ping: 23.38


5ghz network:


Download speed: 26.28
Upload speed: 16.27
Ping: 23.75


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Re: Did my hub suddenly break?

just the one hub reset shouldn't affect the DLM, only if you do it repeatedly.

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