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Did not get promised Infinity speed boost to 76 Mbps

On the 29th of November 2017, I received an email from BT informing me that my Infinity 1 package of 52 Mbps would be upgraded to 76 Mbps for free:

We're boosting your broadband speed
Enjoy faster movie downloads and smoother streaming as we're giving your broadband speed a boost up to 76Mbps. If you haven't already received your speed boost, you can expect it before the end of this year.


However I still have not received the speed boost, have not got any further emails or phone calls about it and get only around 55 Mbps Down /  9 Mbps Up (measured through I also get 55Mbps in the speed test through the My BT portal.

I had a web chat with a BT advisor through the BT website, who was keen to help and helped me reset the hub to factory conditions, but unfortunately couldn't do anything more than confirm that my account was indeed upgraded to 76 Mbps for free, that there were no line faults, and agreed that I should be getting 76 Mbps / 20 Mbps. I am more interested in the upload speed boost as it doubles but I wouldn't mind 76 Mbps either!

This seems to be a somewhat common issue discussed on here, so I thought I would reach out to you kind folks for some help and advice.

Technical log from Smart Home Hub Type-A router:

Product name:

BT Hub 6A

Firmware version:


Firmware updated:


Board version:


Gui version:


DSL uptime:

0 Days, 5 Hours 52 Minutes 28 Seconds

Data rate:

9.99 Mbps / 55.00 Mbps

Maximum data rate:

20877 / 75558

Noise margin:

13.2 dB / 11.6 dB

Line attenuation:

14.8 dB

Signal attenuation:




Latency type:

Fast Path

Data sent / received:

120 MB Uploaded / 741 MB Downloaded

BT Wi-fi:




Software variant:


Boot loader:


Result from

BT Wholesale.jpg
















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Re: Did not get promised Infinity speed boost to 76 Mbps

only people that can help are forum mods and they will post here

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Re: Did not get promised Infinity speed boost to 76 Mbps

Thank you! I eagerly waited for the speed boost until the end of the year but it didn't happen, and then got busy with preparing for our second baby. Recently I remembered I am still getting only 53-55 Mbps so thought I would look into it.
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Re: Did not get promised Infinity speed boost to 76 Mbps


Welcome to the community forum. I'm sorry you haven't received your speed boost. I'll be able to help you with this. Please can you send me in your details using the "Contact The Mods" link found in my profile?



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Re: Did not get promised Infinity speed boost to 76 Mbps

Thanks @PaddyB I have sent the details through the contact the mods link.
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Re: Did not get promised Infinity speed boost to 76 Mbps

Hey ..... Was just reading your post, for no reason, just came across it on the forum, and i was just wondering have you gone into your router settings home page and changed the speed values to what you get through the 2.4ghz and 5ghz seperatly....  Obviously the first thing to do would be too seperate the 5ghz from th2.4ghz or atleast thats what i would do, just for the sake of having newer devices that support 5ghz on that frequency. If you dont need to then dont bother no need to really, i only do it as we have a couple of people in the house that only use the 2.4ghz frequency, so i have all my devices on the 5ghz, i have th router in my room so no worrys about distance, which the 5ghz has trouble with sometimes which the 2.4ghz doesnt...... But have a look at the default speed that the wireless is set too... as when i looked at mine once when we got upgraded (which by the way was literally about a week after we got the letter and email saying we were getting the upgrade from 55mbps upto 78mbps for free)  the default speed was on 54mbps which i have found out default should be the 144mbps not 54mbps, so if i did a speed test when we got our upgrade to 78mbps we still would only be showing 54mbps or a litte less as you never get the full pie...... So as soon as i raised the default speed upto 300mbps for the 2.4ghz and 1300mbps for 5ghz i got my full speed of 78mbps or about 77.2ish most times. So i would have a look at that if you already hav'nt.   On another note, imagine having 1300mbps.... wonder why it goes upto that on the 5ghz frequency.... are BT looking to the future....i know some areas in the UK can get INFINITY 3 and 4 which is like 160mbps down and 50 up maybe or something like that..... cant wait to get that......

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Re: Did not get promised Infinity speed boost to 76 Mbps

Someone from the BT forum team contacted me on Thursday and said an order (VOL13......) has been placed on my account to increase the speed to 76 Mbps. I was told this would take up to 5 days and to wait until Tuesday morning.

Hopefully this will go through tomorrow and I will report back. Strangely on the MyBT platform, I can see the order and the order number but when I click on it, it says no orders found. Hope this doesn't mean the order doesn't exist!

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Re: Did not get promised Infinity speed boost to 76 Mbps

I was mistaken, its 5 working days not 5 calendar days! So fingers crossed by the end of the week it should happen.

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