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Didn't get a reminder about free BT Sport until too late

Trying to sort out poor broadband speeds so had to go to MyBT.


There was a message there that my BT Sport discount (ie free because I have BT broadband) was coming to an end. I followed the instructions to renew but now find that I've already been charged £11 for the next month:


BT Sport bill Dec to Jan.PNG


Before I get in Victor Meldrew mode and contact BT, does anyone know when BT publicised this? Did they send an email to their customers? 

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Re: Didn't get a reminder about free BT Sport until too late

I have received notification emails in advance. Subject was "Act now to avoid being charged £6.75 a month extra for BT Sport"


This one from Feb 2016 (I've removed the exact date in the reminders)



As a BT Broadband customer, you've received a £6.75 monthly discount on BT Sport, and we hope you've enjoyed every unmissable moment we've brought you over the past 12 months. This discount ends on xx April 2016. To avoid paying the additional £6.75 a month, simply renew your BT Broadband contract.


This month I received one with similar wording except "This discount ends on xx-Feb-17".


Before these I didn't receive a reminder to renew the contract and discovered (via MyBT) I had been paying extra for BT Sport for a couple of months. I think I only received a rebate for the current period when I renewed despite complaining that I hadn't received a reminder and that the contract end can change when taking on additional services.



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