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Differing wireless speeds between mobile devices and laptop with Infinity 2



I've connected my wife's Macbook Air, my iPad 2 and my Nexus 4 to my shiney new Infinity 2 HH4 which was installed on 13th Aug.


I am not far from the cabinet and the engineer said I should get the full 80Mb down, 20Mb up.


My wife's laptop gets 76Mb down and 16Mb up... nice!


However, both my iPad and Nexus 4 get 35Mb - 40Mb down and 16Mb - 20Mb up!  I have tried using them on 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz with the higher values comign from 5Ghz.


Why do I get much slower download speeds on my iPad/Nexus than I do on the laptop?  Does anyone know if there is a limitation for mobile devices?  It is strange as the mobile devices always register faster upload speeds.


All tests were done about 30cm from the HH4 using pointing at the same server.  I can't do a wired test as I don't have a computer with an ethernet port currently.


Any clues would be useful.










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Re: Differing wireless speeds between mobile devices and laptop with Infinity 2

Mobile devices will be incapable of coping with any higher speeds due to the speed of their CPU.


As they are normally used for mail, web browsing, and video streaming, the connection speed you are getting, is more than adequate.


The idea behind Infinity, is that multiple devices can connect at the same time, without slowing down. Full speed on portable devices using wireless, is very unlikely.


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