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Difficulty getting connected - but still being charged

My issues with BT began just over a year ago when we moved into a new rented house which needed to be connected.  We finially managed to get this issue sorted (by some helpful person from this forum) but were nevertheless exasperated with the BT customer services.


3 Months ago we moved again to another rental property with no phone line (I know - some people get all the luck).  Weve had three appointments for connection (only two of which were we told about).  The first one we were told to be in from 1 till 5 and got a phone call from BT at 5.30 telling us that no one would be coming that day because the job was more complex than they thought and that someone woud ring us soon to reschedual.  A few weeks later I got a phone call at work from the poor engineer who had arrived to find an empty house (unsurprising really as no one had told us he was coming).  The third appointment was made for today, its now ten past six and i have no more hope that anyone will be coming today.  So thats two days off work and a wasted journey by an engineer and still no phone line. 


On top of this for the past two months we have been charged for a service that BT obviously intend not to provide.

I don't want any more from BT, i just want out of the contract so i can sign up with SKY.

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Re: Difficulty getting connected - but still being charged

Hi Mattdeh,

I am really sorry to hear of the problems you've had with your account.

If you can send in your details I'll be able to get all this sorted for you, you can email me by using our "Contact us" form.

You can get it by clicking on my username (it's under "About me", top-left of the page).


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