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Digihome 40242SMT2 BT TV - You View remote will not control


I'm hoping someone can help.

I have been using my BT TV - Youview remote for my TV, this week the TV was changed to a Digihome 40242SMT2 smart TV.

When i first tried the remote (without programming it) ir worked for sound (up & down) but nothing else.

After obtaining the limited number of 4 digit codes - 0605 & 0019 - both failed. I tried the holding the TV button untin it turned off, which it did, but it wouldnt turn back on, so i had to keep my finger on the tv button again (let it cycle through the codes until it came back on) when it came back on I tried the volume & channels - nothing. Then i tried the TV button to turn off, again nothing.

So back to the cycle of holding the button down until it came back on etc, the problem just repeats after over an hour of trying i'm about readt to throw it through the window!!

Has anyone got any idea where I can get additional codes to try?


Many thanks


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