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Re: Digital Voice Change over

@MNroshandel1 wrote:

I've also been confused about what the difference is between some people who plug their phones into the FTTP box on the wall and normal copper PSTN line sockets and I'm guessing Digital voice is plugged into the Broadband hub/router.

So will those who connect their phones directly into the FTTP box on the wall have to upgrade too? Is it VoiP or not as some new builds were only provided with this.

In my property they installed the FTTP box and a separate standard master socket for the phone, originally both was with BT, however the FTTP broadband was moved to Vodafone some time ago.

There was an early VOIP system that Openreach provided called Fibre Voice Access (FVA) which required a standard phone to be plugged into the ONT (FTTP box) but this is no longer being provided. I suspect FVA will also be migrated to Digital Voice or other ISP's version of VOIP at some point.

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Re: Digital Voice Change over

Thankyou for clearing that up!
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Re: Digital Voice Change over

Also the reason for asking was the fact my friend who has FVA is still able to use BT Text which I believed wouldn't work on any VoIP system but told me it's very glitchy at times and is often charged where as I get up to 200 texts free each month which was the answer I got from customer services when I questioned how much I will be charged.
When someone leaves me a message on the home phone, the phone has been set up to send a text message to my mobile which goes through BT text and then I can ring my home phone and access the answering machine via remote access and listen to any messages.
I know BT Callminder can do this but I'm not paying nearly £4 per month for that!
Sometimes people text my home phone by mistake and I'd rather it come through as a text than that awful Voice text delivery.
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