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Re: Digital Voice Issue

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@capsticksbarn wrote:

The same one - a BT Premium  wireless phone.

Incidently, I think all the software (answer phone, call lists, contacts etc.) are contained within the base station (the software is call Truecall - originally Call Guardian?) , and not within the network.

So you are introducing a double delay, one from the home hub to the DECT adapter, then another from the DECT adapter to the phones, via the DECT base station in your own phone base.

This is probably what is causing the loss of the three rings.

I vaguely remember a similar issue with the old Broadband Talk service, which was reported.

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Re: Digital Voice Issue

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Sounds like it. Shame BT don't make this clear when they offer the kit. Still, I guess I don't really have any choice as the DV system was foisted on me  within the last two weeks (having had the fttp installed last year).

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Re: Digital Voice Issue

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The DVA should have been free.

I recently had FTTP300 installed and they forced switched me to Digital Voice a few weeks ago but I had the offer of a free Advanced Digital phone or a DVA. I opted for the DVA as I have 4 dect phones around the house with the base station having an answering machine (which is downstairs and the SH2 is upstairs).

We never use the landline for outgoing calls anymore too be honest, mainly incoming.

A problem I have though which I think is related to yours is that I missed a call the other day and now I have the pulsing dial tone as if to say I have a message. I dont pay for voice mail.

Going online, my BT account says that 2 messages have been sent to my junk voice mail box. I dial 1472, select Option 3 (junk voicemail) and it says no messages but my dial tone says otherwise???

I have logged it as a fault so lets see what they do.

While I was online, I extended my rings to 10 ( from 7) and now, my base answer machine kicks in before the any BT Junk one does so hopefully fixed the problem myself.

Still need to get shot of the pulsing dial tone though.


Can you not plug your current phone into the rear of the SH2 instead of the DVA to try it out? I thought if it plugs into the DVA and works then it should work in the rear of the SH2?




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Re: Digital Voice Issue

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I also missed a call. Upon reading your issue with the pulsing dialtone, I checked my line and guess what: I also have the pulsing dialtone. I wonder what it means? Who did you log the fault with?

With regard to plugging the phone into the SH2, like you I also have some wireless phones slaved to my base station, and it is not in a place where I can easily connect.

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Re: Digital Voice Issue

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OK. Discovered whats going on (I think).

When you get the DV service, it seems you are automatically enrolled  on BTs voicemail service. Messages waiting are signalled by a pulsing dialtone. By dialing 1571 you can hear them.

So the voicemail cuts in before you own answer machine.

You can't turn the service off (why not?), but you can set the ring count to 10. Then set your answer machine to  a ring count of 9 and hopefully yours will work first.

Haven't proved it, but good luck.

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Re: Digital Voice Issue

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Hi Keith,

If you've been following this thread, you'll see there is an associated problem. Unbeknownst to me, it seems DV customers are automatically enrolled in Voicemail. This interferes with my own answer machine in the Premium base station. If I set the Voicemail ring count (in my BT account) to 10, and my answering ring count to 7, my answering service cuts in before Voicemail (good). But actually 7 rings is sometimes not enough to get to a phone (I would normally set it to 10).

The solution is easy: turn Voicemail off.

Unfortunately I can't see any way of doing that. Is it a service I have to cancel by order? Indeed can I actually get BT to turn it off?

Any advice would be gratefully received.



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Re: Digital Voice Issue

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Also, this applies to mobile, but I would expect it to be the same for Digital Voice.

Turning voicemail on and off
  1. Dial 15710 from your phone (it's free) to turn this off. ( You'll hear a message: "Your request to turn off conditional diverts to your BT Mobile voicemail has been confirmed")
  2. Dial 15711 to turn it back on.
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Re: Digital Voice Issue

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I just tried this  from my landline and it just goes to my voicemail main menu, nothing about turning the feature on or off though.

There are 2 messages waiting for me which would account for the pulse dial tone. 

I have not played these messages as I am worried that this will sign me up to the voicemail services  that I don't need and do not wish to pay for.

Its all got a bit confusing since being switched to DV!

Is this voice service free as I never had it before the switch. Is it the same as the junk voicemail?

Confused.  😞



Just read your link.

So as DV users, we automatically get signed up to voicemail for free.

No mention how to turn it off though as we use the answer machine in our dect phone.

Also, the webchat  guy who logged my problem as a 'known glitch' was talking twaddle!


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Re: Digital Voice Issue

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Ring 1571 to hear your messages. This will get rid of the pulsetone. Because of the delays incurred to using DECT phones and DV adapter, I've set the voicemail ring delay to 10 (online account), and my base station answer machine ring delay to 7. This worked for me. My base station answer machine cuts in before voicemail. Not ideal, but working.

Maybe we have to raise an order on BT to cancel the Voicemail service. I can't see any other way of doing it. I'm going to wait a bit to see if the new setup is practical before attempting Voicemail cancellation.

I'd be interested to hear how thing pan out for you.


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Re: Digital Voice Issue

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Hi All,

You are right that voicemail is for Digital Voice Customers and it's also pre-enabled.

If you want to turn it off, log in to your MyBT and access the Digital Voice - Calling Features

You can find more info here: Digital Voice Voicemail.

We can also turn it off for you over the phone 🙂