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Digital Voice - a few queries

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I have recently been upgraded to BT's Full Fibre Broadband and have now been advised by BT that my home phone will soon be upgraded to the Digital Voice service. Whilst it does not seem to be a difficult process I do have some queries which I hope someone will be able to advise me about. I have also been advised that if my phone currently plugs into a different location to my Smart Hub 2, I can remotely connect a Digital Voice home phone or use an adapter. Based on all this these are my queries:

1. My BT Smart Hub 2 router is positioned upstairs in my home office, whilst my BT 8500 phone base unit is downstairs. I have a BT 8500 phone additional unit in the home office. Does the connection to the router have to be via the base unit or can I just plug in the additional unit? I also have an additional BT 8500 phone in one of the bedrooms. 

2. Rather than trying to work around my current setup described in point 1 would it be sensible to take up BT's offer of ordering either one adapter or a Digital Voice home phone free of charge?

2. Will the BT 8500 units work successfully with the Digital Voice system or should I be investing in a new set of phones, including the free offer, given the BT 8500 phones are now quite old.


Many thanks

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Re: Digital Voice - a few queries

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you can still use you existing phone setup but 8500 base would need to be connected to the socket on back of SH2 or to an adapter positions elsewhere in your home

there are other possibilities as described in the post  use search and there are other posts which may help

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Re: Digital Voice - a few queries

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1. The base unit can plug into the phone port on the back of the Smart Hub 2.

2. BT offer a free adapter or digital voice handset that connects to the Smart Hub 2 via it's DECT capability. see:

3. Yes, just plug the base station into the back of the smart hub 2

Also have a look at this thread for ways on how to connect your extension sockets to the back of the BT Smart Hub phone port. Warning: if on copper/FTTC you must make sure you are only changing the extensions and not the main copper connection.

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Re: Digital Voice - a few queries

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Many thanks both. Have swopped them around and all works fine pre the Digital Voice "installation".

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