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Digital Voice continuous ringing for incomin calls

Today we have had our digital voice service activated. I am waiting for my new Alexa Advanced Phone to be delivered which I had to order by ringing the helpdesk who have said they have ordered the phone and credited my account to cover the cost of the phone. Hopefully it will arrive quickly.

Anyway, my neighbour has lent me an old Panasonic DECT phone to tide me over as my hub is in a small understairs cupboard and not accessible to plug the old phone into the socket. I have paired this  phone with the hub without any probem.

I have tried ringing the house phone and it 'rings' when the call is received and stops when the dect phone is picked up as expected.

But, I was expecting the phone to go ring-ring, pause, ring-ring, pause until  answered but instread it just has a continuous ring until answered. Is this normal behaviour? I have listened to the poor selection of 'rings' in the phones options where it sounds like I would expect with ringing and pauses.

So is this how it's supposed to behave or is there a way to configure a normal ringing patter?


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Re: Digital Voice continuous ringing for incomin calls


Pairing it with the hub is going to be unpredictable, so I am not surprised it gives problems.

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Re: Digital Voice continuous ringing for incomin calls

That's what I was sort of expecting. The Panasonic phone must be at least 15 years old - so although it's DECT for comatibility I doubt if there are any other system compatibilities.

When my Alexa phone is delivered I'll see how that behaves, but expect to be buying another one or two of those to give an updated system
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