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Re: Digital Voice

Are you also a BT FTTP customer that has been told they are being migrated onto DV but hasn’t had an offer of ‘free’ equipment, or is your question simply idle curiosity ?

Just because there has been no link provided to an offer of ‘free’ equipment it doesn’t disprove its existence, it would be understandable if BT  only contacted  customers  that qualify, after all , doubtless many would contact BT on the basis that if there was something available for ‘free’ then they want in on it, including those who currently couldn’t get DV anyway.

The OP received some sort of communication about ‘DV’,  but the details provided were scant, anecdotally, those offered DV have been offered equipment ( although it isn’t necessary as ‘regular’ equipment also  works  ) , should the offer of this free equipment end, there is no reason for anyone with DV who did benefit to be upset, after all getting a regular phone line doesn’t come with a phone

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Re: Digital Voice

@spile wrote:

So I infer from this that that details of this are not published in the digital voice faq or elsewhere? 

if you have FTTP and DV then phone FTTP TEAM

there are other posts like yours if you use search - and who have received a phone by phoning but up to you.  nobody will send you one unless you ask

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Re: Digital Voice

I am an FTTP customer due to be migrated to DV in a few days, so not it wasn't "idle curiosity" or an opportunity to get "free equipment". 

I have now located the relevant part of the help section of the website and this includes a link so that the equipment can be ordered online without having to ring BT.


If you plug your phone into a telephone socket that's not near to your Smart Hub 2, that's ok. You can either use an adapter to connect them, or get a Digital Voice home phone and remotely connect it to your smart hub.

You can order either an adapter or a Digital Voice home phone free from Or text the word ADAPTER or HANDSET to 61998.