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Digital voice can't find hub

I've got digital voice with two of the basics handsets and they worked perfectly with the original smart hub 2. However, the hub developed a fault and BT very kindly sent a replacement. That has now been installed and the WiFi is working, (laptops, mobiles and ipad all working) but both handsets now say "no link to hub". I've pressed OK on a handset and then pressed the WPS button on the hub with a handset literally a few centimetres away, but nothing happens. Ive taken the batteries out of the handset and replaced them and pressed the WPS button - again nothing. I think I've pressed every button on the hand set at random, but nothing, it still stubbornly refuses to recognise the new hub. Please does anyone have any ideas? BT help suggests this message means the handset is out of range, but I don't see how it can be the case when it's only a few centimetres away from the hub.

As you've probably guessed, I'm not very techy, but I do have a husband who is good with IT issues! 

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Re: Digital voice can't find hub

Just guessing here as I don't have digital voice. Do you need to de-register the handsets from the old hub first before trying to connect them to a new hub.

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Re: Digital voice can't find hub

if you go to hub manager into browser bar then go to hub manager then is your phone number shown and if so is it purple or greyed out?

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Re: Digital voice can't find hub

Thank you for taking the time to Reply. I have learnt something new today. I did go to the page you advised and it brought up all the devices in purple. I couldn't see the landline number, but hubby took some time out from his job number crunching and delved deep into the settings of the handsets, and has persuaded them to recognise the new hub. I'm fairly sure they are now working on, as I've successfully managed to make a call to a friend. We do seem to have lost all the contacts now, but I've posted that as another question

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