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Disabled Help.........No

I am a BT customer and have been for many years, I have broadband from them and I have complained constantly about slow broadband, they call me today and tell me I have to remove the cover off the BT wall box which is behind my couch, I have been asked before and I have told them I am disabled and I cannot move the couch, today the woman was insistent that I do it, if I don't I will not get any service from them.

Even the email I sent them I put in capitals that I am disabled and that I will not be able to remove the cover. So because I am disabled and cannot remove the cover I cannot get the service I am entitled to.

So hardly a good image when a disabled customer is left with poor service because BT wishes....... no demands me to remove a cover. Do thy do this to 80 year old women, people with arthritis who cannot hold a screw driver.


Even on the form to email them, it asked me what time I wish to be contacted I put between 6pm & 9pm and guess what they call me at 9.30am....... I missed that then they called at 10.22am


Hardly a helpful service is it!!



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Re: Disabled Help.........No

Hi mysoresoul,


Thanks for posting, I'm so sorry that is unacceptable and can assure you that we will be able to help you get this sorted. Please can you use the 'contact the mods' link in my forum profile to send in your details. You'll find the link by clicking on my username.



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Re: Disabled Help.........No

Thanks, I have filled in the form but I telling you know if I get another 'I dont care about your problem because I really dont want to be here' people calling me, I have spoke already to 2 disability rights organisations and they along with me not happy. BT is breaching my rights to goods and services.
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Re: Disabled Help.........No

The forum mod team will take personal ownership of your problem until fully resolved now you have contacted them you no longer have to bother about contacting the help lines as the forum mods will contact you personally by either email or phone normally within 3/5 working days