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Disc connected by ethernet question


I have Smart Hub2 with wi fi disc.

Seems to work reasonably well but as an experiment I connected the hub to the disc by ethernet. Rebooted disc and checked with a wi fi app that I can see 2 ssids which I can.

Connected my phone to disc and I can see it connected by ethernet port 1 on the smart hub proving it is using the ethernet to connect from disc to hub.

However if I check status of my wi fi network I can see one device connected wi fi to the disc which is my Samsung tablet but that does not show as connected via ethernet to smart hub so must assume that is connecting wi fi from disc to hub. Bit strange 2 devices are using different mediums to connect disc to hub. Any ideas although I appreciate this is not using the device as intended but does seem to improve overall network speed for devices on disc.

Any comments?

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