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Disconnect from wireless, can't reconnect

I have a macbook pro and a home hub v2 (although this happened on my homehub 1 and still happens on my parent's homehub 1).  I have recently bought a Netgear ReadyNAS Duo and since adding it (hardwired) to my home hub my laptop intermittently disconnects from the wireless on the hub.  I can see the SSID listed when I browse available wireless networks however when I click it I get prompted for the WEP key (even thought it is saved in the profile) and even if I enter the correct WEP key I still can't connect.  I have to either reboot the hub or connect to the hub manager via Ethernet cable and disable the wireless interface and then reconnect it.  The same happens when I use the program boxee (


Any ideas how I can prevent this?



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Re: Disconnect from wireless, can't reconnect

in your wifi adapter properties page turn off the power management feture,

then in the hub change the dhcp to give a longer lease time

also set the nas box to have a static ip address so the hub doesnt try to change change the ip address to the first available one.

si if that fixes the problem (it worked for some of the permantetly conected stuff causing ip conflicts on my network)
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Re: Disconnect from wireless, can't reconnect

I have a macbook pro running os 10.4. After a reinstall I couldn't connect  to hub using the wireless key as before.  It turns out I needed to enter a $ in front of the key.

I was banging my head against the wall all day, getting nothing from this diy site, the support team could do more than the obvious.' YAHOOMACMAN' had the answer. I was so mad I carried on.

Pass it on if it helps.

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