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Disconnected by Account Manager – Extremely Unhappy

Just got off the phone with BT after another 3 hour marathon including at least 3 disconnections.


Since moving into a new house in September we have never received any line speed above 1kbps – this "service" was extremely intermittent. The BT Vision TV service, for example, couldn't function with such a low connection.


After taking a number of days off work and having multiple engineers and call-outs, the line still didn't work.


I refused to pay the bills for this service, and for September the customer services agreed. However, they failed to do this for October, November, and December, and a hold as been placed on the account. Because the hold has been placed on the account, technical services are unable to test the line. However they admit that they most recent notes indicate that the line was faulty and no serious internet service could be provided. 


I have spoken to Abeer and Haneese in Technical Support who were both very helpful; Rose and Rina in Customer Services/Billing who were less so; and Dierdre an account manager who was incredibly rude and disconnected the call when I asked to speak to her manager. She offered a call-back within 24-hours. The problem with this was two-fold – first, I have had two missed called backs from BT since October and am not willing to have another; second, the line is due to be terminated tomorrow morning so the situation must be resolved this evening.


I have spoken to others, in cancellations and elsewhere, and I have been advised to post on this forum as this was the most direct route to speak to senior managers in Customer Service.


I want to leave BT and start at a new ISP. I have been told that I can be refunded for days I have taken off work - but to be honest, I am more immediately concerned by my credit rating being affected.


If BT are reading this, you can contact me at my mobile number.


Thank you




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Re: Disconnected by Account Manager – Extremely Unhappy

Hi Luci,

Welcome to the forum, I'm really sorry to hear of the problems you've had with your account.

If the line is due to be stopped tomorrow, it’s probably too late now to get that order cancelled (usually this has to happen before 2pm the day before, in this case today).

Can you please send over your details, and we’ll take a closer look at this for you? The “Contact us” form is available by clicking on my username, and it’s under “About me” (top-left of my profile page).

On receipt of your details I’ll be able to see what’s going on, as I am unable to track down your mobile number without any account details.

Best wishes,

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Re: Disconnected by Account Manager – Extremely Unhappy



Thank you for your quick response.


Since posting on the forum I have again phoned B.T, and managed to delay termination of the line for a further week. This is not, however, a solution in my eyes. I am still being required to pay for over four months of service which I have not received. I am happy to pay for line rental, but not the broadband service, BT vision (which has never worked due to the internet never working) or the £180 line installation which has never been proved to work in any functional sense.


I would like to make it clear that I have had an internet service, as in, we were able to connect to the specific home hub. In one of the first phone calls, maybe 3 months ago, I was told that we were receiving around 0.7mbps. It was agreed at this point that this does not constitute broadband. This however, is what has been provided for me as an explanation for why I am being asked to pay. I was shuffled around from person to person (I think I spoke to 7 different people in 4 different departments today) and was basically told as there has been activity on my account, they weren't going to do anything. I asked to speak to a manager, and they hung up. 


Obviously I am extremely upset about how this has been dealt with. I have always paid my bills on time to B.T (when they have provided me with a service). I have now been backed into a corner and told I must either pay or have my credit rating decimated; that I have no more say in the situation. I work as a researcher, and I NEED the internet every day. I would not like to even think about how much money I have spent in internet cafes due to this problem, not to mention the two full days I have taken off work to as workmen were coming round to 'test' the line, which had no effect.


I do not want to involve any external ombudsman, I was just hoping to clear up the problem, happily pay what I owe, and for B.T to admit their mistake. 


I would very much appreciate your help in this matter, as it has been made clear to me B.T are unwilling to even discuss the matter further.


Thank you for your time,


L. Stephens

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Re: Disconnected by Account Manager – Extremely Unhappy

Please remove personal information, this is a public forum.


This is the contact form to use , which is private.

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