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Disconnection and calling and engineer out

When my broadband was installed a few years ago they ran an extension from the hall to where my PC sits. I have been getting frequent disconnections; the support line says that there is not a fault on the line so it may be the extension line which is causing the issue.


I think they were just trying to find something to blame, this line was put in by the BT engineer when he installed the broadband and I have never had a problem for years. Now they want me to test the connection by plugging in the Router/modem directly to the main phone socket in the hall and see if it works alright there. They could call out an engineer but if it’s the extension line then its my fault and  will be charged for the visit.


What sort of support policy is this? They installed the extension but I have to pay if it is now faulty? Does this apply to the router and all the other equipment, we have to pay if we call them and it is a fault in the equipment they sold to us?

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Re: Disconnection and calling and engineer out

There are many posts on this forum with similar subject titles and using the search facility will enable you to read other peoples experiences. However BT's responsibility terminates at the master socket in your home and any wiring after the master socket is the responsibility of the homeowner. Assuming you have a master socket where the bottom half unscrews by taking that off and connecting your hub to the socket now visible (test socket) you eliminate all the house wiring. If there is still a problem and it's not the router then it must be beyond the test socket and be BT responsibility. However if that connection is ok then the problem is internal wiring/filters then it is your responsibility.

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Re: Disconnection and calling and engineer out

If the extension's several years old, they are not going to accept responsibility for any problems with it now.

As for the equipment, it is guaranteed for the minimum duration of the contract you agreed to (could be 12, 18 or 24 months). After that, it's your problem. In most cases, if you agree to a new contract, they will send you replacement kit. Otherwise, you have to source it yourself.
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