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Disconnection problem

I have been with BT for about 11 years and had Broadband since 2003 when I used the Voyager Modem which used to overheat and cause disconnections.

I bought a new Voyager moden which also overheated after a few months but the helpline assured me that the modem was not the problem and refused to help unless I paid for a BT engineer to sort it out.


So I went to my local computer shop who recommended a Netgear wired router and that sorted the problem out, no overheating, no diosconnections for years.


I moved property about 3 years ago and all has been working fine, I never used to get near my 10 GB usage allowance but I have started trading foreign exchange now and the platform I use must use a lot of bandwidth because now I use between 17 and 20 a month so get charged an extra £10 a month.


Anyway the extra cost is annoying but my question is related to a disconnection problem that occurs intermittently.

The last time it happened was yesterday afternoon, my trading platform was disconnected and I could not open any webpages.


After closing everything down and restarting the PC and wired Router (sometimes that works) I looked on the Netgear router settings page and the username (password not needed) and other settings were correct.


I was dreading callling the helpline and having to explain why I am not using a BT router so I turned the PC off and decided to have another go this morning, no connection so I looked at the Netgear settings page and the login username had been changed to "guest" instead of my username, so it had been reset somehow.

I put in my username and in about 30 seconds I was able to browse the internet again.


This has happened before about 4 months ago, back then it used to do it about once a week.


Anyone have an idea what could cause this problem?


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