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Discovery no series record

Hi, for some reason I can't get anything to series record on this channel, I can only record  the one programme . I have had some odd things going on with this box[dtrt4000] this being the latest problem.

Anyone having the same issue? 


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Re: Discovery no series record

It's the same for me, at least for the programmes I want to record. I would think that it's probably due to Discovery themselves as the programme synopsis aren't there either.

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Re: Discovery no series record

Hi Thanks. Getting a bit fed up with things not working properly.

I'll leave my post up for now see if there is anyone else with same problems.

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Re: Discovery no series record

Hi Both,

It is the broadcaster usually yes but we can inform when something is not working as expected which would normally result in it being fixed.

I've checked NOW TV Discovery and Discovery and for the bunch of programmes I checked at least, are displaying the option to record series, or record episode.

Can you check if you are still experiencing the problem please? And if so, be specific on which programme it is and what time it was on.


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Re: Discovery no series record

Hi @DarrenW 

Deadliest Catch on Tuesday at 21h00 is one for me. On the 14th it was showing as a 2 hour programme in the EPG (as if it was a 2 hour special), it was in capitals with no synopsis. My 4k box recorded 2 hours, Deadliest Catch was actually only 1 hour as usual with the second hour being something else.

Yesterday I set my box to record next weeks episode and I had the same. It was showing as a 2 hour programme, in capitals, no synopsis and the only option was to record the episode and not the series.

To be honest it's not that much of an issue for me as it's recording the programme, and I regularly check my series links because of how hopeless some broadcasters are, such as the Discovery group.

G.A.S. on Mondays at 21h00 on Discovery is another, again the EPG is in capitals with no synopsis and no option to record the series. I'm on the 4k Max package so I haven't checked the EPG to see what the Now TV is showing. 

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Re: Discovery no series record

Yeah I see those in the EPG, look like some issues which no longer exist.


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Re: Discovery no series record

I have had no problem recording Discovery, but I have had problems with the recording ending before the programme ends
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