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Disgraceful Customer Service

BT care should be renamed BT don't care!! A warning to all BT customers from a previous customer. After cancelling my broadband and phone line due to the poor an inadequate service recieved from BT in every department I felt relieved. However this was short lived. Just had an email on the change over date saying they have charged me £12 this month for the BT sport which was free with the broadband which has now been cancelled. When I phoned to say I have cancelled BT services I'm spoke to by 2 useless and unhelpful staff members, one of which said he was a manager, I'm told that I will have to phone back again tomorrow to cancel it as my account is in lock down. I bet when I phone tomorrow I will be told that They will try and rob me of another £12 at the end of the month. Very sneaky BT, think of how much money you can rob of the little guys ifyou do this to every customer. Poor customer service, poor company, poor attitude. Please do not reply with pathetic and patronising responses regarding reading the small print. FACT: BT sport was free with BT broadband. I have cancelled BT broadband.
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