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l have been a BT customer since 1972 and four years ago I made the decision to take out BT Broadband. I opted for a 12 month contract and everything was wonderful for the most part. Then approximately a month my son noticed that the wireless network had begun to drop out so I called the Technical Helpdesk and then my problems began.

I was advised by one of your offshore advisors that I needed to reset my router to its default settings. I did so and discovered that none of my wireless devices would connect to the hub. So I called again. I was guided through the problem again and was then told there was a problem with my HomeHub2 but because I was no longer in contract I would either have to take out another contract, (something I was not prepared to do because BT is extortionately expensive as it is) or pay for a HomeHub 3 to be delivered. I wasn't prepared to do this either because why should I have to replace faulty technology that BT provided?

This discussion went on intermittently for several weeks. I was told that my long standing business was not going to be taken into consideration and that the above were my only options. I spoke to one rude technical helpdesk advisor after another until two weeks ago (or there abouts) and I admittedly lost my temper. I asked to speak to a manager who belittled and patronised me and then dropped a bombshell that unless I took out another contract with your organisation I was not going to get good customer service.

I was absolutely appalled. Just because Im not in contract with you should not have a bearing on whether I receive good service or not. This was the straw that broke the camel's back. I immediately asked to be transferred to cancellations, and instead was dumped into the queue where I ended up speaking to a bored English advisor who didnt even attempt to save my business. All I was advised was if I wanted to go to Sky (I'd recieved a wonderful quote from them) to contact them. Her job surely was to save my business?! Evidently not.

I am now waiting for Sky to take over my business. I called to lodge an official complaint and spoke to yet another bored, uninterested advisor who offered me a half hearted and insincere apology and said that the matter would be investigated and someone would get back to me.

Low and behold..... I'm still waiting.

This is an absolute disgrace. I have never been treated with absolute contempt by a company before simply because I wont sign up to another over priced contract or pay to replace their faulty tech. And I cannot believe that my loyalty as a customer would mean nothing. Forty Three years as a customer. I am offended and I am absolutely outraged at how an institution like BT will treat its existing customers.

I hope you are happy with yourselves.
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Re: Disgraceful

What you were advised about the hubs is correct as the warranty ends after your contract ends and negotiating a new contract can often provide considerable lower charges and you can request a new hub as part of the deal if you had contacted the customer options team on 0800800030

and negotiating the deal with them as it sounds you have been an old package price which would have been much higher price to thode now availabl
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Re: Disgraceful

Unfortunately, that's the terms on which BT delivers Home Hubs to customers.


Many years ago, BT would lend an ADSL model to their broadband customers.  If it broke, BT would send out a new one.  At the end of the contract, they would ask for it back.


Then they changed the terms.  The Home Hub is actually sold to you as part of the package.  All the time you are a customer, they defer any payments for it.  After one year, the Home Hub is yours and they write off the cost.  What that means is that if the Hub goes wrong, and it's out of warranty, then it's your problem, not theirs.


I suggest you read the Sky terms and Conditions carefully.  I've just had a look, and sure enough the Sky home router only comes with a 12 month warranty.  You may have just the same problem again in future.

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Re: Disgraceful

Its disgraceful and it just goes to show how little this company thinks of its customers, burying important information in the small print where they know virtually no one reads it.

And while that maybe the case, it still doesnt excuse the rude attitude of their staff.
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