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Re: YouRe: Disgusted of Hampshire

Im just trying to understand your usage of the phrase "modem man". Have you ordered infinty? Cos thats the only way you're going to get a "modem man" to come.

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Re: YouRe: Disgusted of Hampshire

Yes DT - I originally ordered infinity, but never got it.


My use of the phrase "modem man", however was with reference to the business accounts used by my company.

It is not infinity - I can't remember the exact type of line at the moment - it is only a minor part of my work, as I am normally the lead engineer on these projects, I normally have technicians (though their job titles also call them "engineers") dealing with the comms line install.


The line guarantees a specific download and upload speed. We need a guaranteed speed rather than a "theoretical maximum" as the information needed to be passed is required H24.


It all seems a little "off topic" though - as I have said, it is BT's blatent lying and non-existant customer service that has irked me, not specifically their insistance to get four men to do one mans job - though if they actually allowed their "engineers" to do some engineering, they would more likely not only have a smaller, happier team of engineers, but also enough money left over to employ some customer service "engineers" who are actually based on the same continent as me.


You never know - they might even start delivering on their promises for a better service!


Happy Christmas to one and all (well - almost all !!!)

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Re: YouRe: Disgusted of Hampshire

I am not an Openreach engineer, but I know one man I would class as an engineer. He can do everything, he knows everything. He has over 40 years experience, he knows all about the science and the skills. His manager has even asked him to stay on for a few years because all the new ones coming up don't recieve what we see as proper training. they are basically trained to pass, they are not trained the ins and outs of the service, they are not told specific techniques they are only taught how to fix something to make it work, not make sure it's working to the best possible service. this is the way the business has to work, if it passes the line test its done and dusted they can move on. time is money after all. however there are some engineers who do try their best and go above and beyond what they should do. the only place you get thorough training is in BT operate which is where you have to know the know in all aspects to be able to do the job correctly.
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