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Disgusted re 1571

Just found out I'm paying for 1571, never saw the publicity or email's which were supposedly circulated before Christmas.

I had it cancelled yesterday and naively imagined it would be removed from my bill.  This morning when I realised it had not I rang up the billing people to sort it out.  After wading through the nightmarish recorded messages and options I got the Indian call centre (sigh) they were useless... asked to speak to a manager eventually and was promised one would call me back within the hour .. I should have known better... of course they did not.  Rang complaints dept. and although I spoke to a helpful chap he was 'unable' to refund advance charges for 1571 up to April this year, for a service which I have already cancelled!! Is this correct? Unfortunately my broadband contract doesn't expire until January next year, but when it does I can see that I'll be moving to another supplier.  I wonder if BT will have any customers left by then, I might be their last one !

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Re: Disgusted re 1571

You can check which services you have active, by using this link.

Change/Cancel your calling features