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Re: Disgusted with BT - Delay on install, told less than one working day before

Email below just sent to the CEO, hopefully I can actually start to have some progress now.


I am contacting you regarding the awful level of service I have received from BT since signing up to them on the 5th March 2015. It has been nothing but one failure after another and constant misinformation from BT employees and failed promises. I am now at the point where I have had enough and am no longer prepared to be treated in this way by BT, and think this needs bring to your attention and that yourself or one of your higher level colleagues will be able to help.


My details are:

Account Name:

Contact Number:

Account Number: 

Account Address:


Here is a breakdown of failed appointments and catalog of failures and errors from BT and where I am currently at as of today (Sunday 26th April)


5/3/15 – Signed up to BT, paid upfront for line rental saver and activation of   services totaling £225.85, selected an installation date of 30/3/15 (8am-1pm) to give plenty of time and gave 5 days before my Virgin Media BB and phone were due to be disconnected on 4/4/15, so provided some time for any delays.


27/3/15 (Friday lunch) – Received a call from BT telling me installation on 30/3/15 wouldn’t be happening as there had been an internal error and my number hadn’t been processed fro takeover. I was also told by the BT staff that BT could send me a dongle with unlimited internet that I could use when my Virgin Media services were disconnected on 4/4/15, this I was told wasn’t true when I called BT back later in the day, as BT don’t even provide a mobile internet dongle!


27/3/15 – Called BT back just before 7pm, as the call I was promised in the afternoon to update me didn’t happen. I explained that calling me the working day before at lunch time to cancel an appointment wasn’t good enough as I am self employed and had cancelled and cleared all appointments for the 30th and the notice I was given was too little time to re-arrange any work, so I had lost out financially. I was then told that Virgin had refused to release the number, and that was the reason for the delay, I question if this was the case why had they left it to the last minute to do this and then to let me know at the last minute too. The member of staff had no answer. This contradicts what I was told earlier that day! I was promised a call back the following morning by 12pm by a member of staff to re-arrange the appointment and that it would be fast tracked.


28/3/15 – No phone call again from BT, I called after lunch to chase and find out what was happening. The first person I spoke to hung up on me as was obviously too much bother for them, I was calm and polite, but he obviously thought it would be easier to just end the call. I then spent over an hour on the phone to someone else and got nowhere. I was told I would receive a call on 30th to re-arrange the appointment. After this phone call I contacted Virgin Media to ask to extend the cancellation, they were more that happy to do this, but said because I had cancelled with them, any duration after the original disconnection date would be charged at full rate and I would lose any loyalty discount. Left with no alternative as internet and phone if vital for me I agreed to a two week extension believing this would be more than enough time for BT to get my services up and running. Virgin also told me that BT hadn’t contacted them regarding the line take over (two members of staff told me this)


30/3/15 – Received a phone call from BT to re-arrange appointment for 9th April (8am-1pm), was annoyed as this seemed a long time, but was told this was the earliest they could connect all my services.


8/4/15 – Just after 6pm, received a phone from BT, to tell me that they wouldn’t be coming the following morning due to an error in taking the line over (although I was assured on my previous contact with BT that this was now in place). At this point I became very annoyed as I had again cancelled and cleared all my work appointments for the morning of the 9th and had again lost out financially. The member of staff didn’t seem to understand why I was angry, even after explaining that this was the second let down appointment and I had paid BT money upfront. I explained that if I had been told on at the start that there would be so many issues I would have just gone with another supplier. Another appointment was then arranged for the 14th April (8am-1pm) I explained that this had to happen as I couldn’t keep being messed about like this, and it was unacceptable to take money from a customer and then treat them in this way. I was told 100% that everything would be up and running on the 14th April and not to worry as it was all now in hand. After this phone call I had to contact Virgin Media again to extend my cancellation for the second time by another two weeks (I thought this would be more than enough time), as was due to be disconnected from the first extension before BT would install.


14/4/15 – Just before 1pm, after waiting at home all morning for the engineer and after cancelling and clearing all work appointments for the third time I received a phone call from BT. When the woman introduced herself I said to her straight away you aren’t going to turn up today are you? She then proceeded to tell me that there was no appointment for today and I must be wrong as she was calling to book an appointment! At this point I told her that the appointment for today was confirmed on the phone, and I had a text message confirming it, I also logged onto ‘My BT’ whilst talking to her and said it even says the appointment was stated for today on the BT website. Her response to this was a rather confused one, and she didn’t really know what to say. I told her that at this point I just wanted to cancel the whole things and have all my money refunded and compensated in full for my time wasted on the phone to BT, the stress and inconvenience of the whole situation. On top of this I also wanted compensating for all time I had taken off work and money I had lost out on because of this (which was now getting on for more than the entire cost of the contract with BT) due to BT’s incompetence and careless attitude. I explained if I am given a few working days notice for cancelled appointments I can work around that and re-book work, but telling me the day before, or not at tall in this case and pretending there was no appointment was simply unacceptable and awful customer service. She told me that I could cancel, but I would not be entitled to claim any compensation unless I had all the services installed and claimed after that. This to me is holding someone to ransom and nothing short of disgusting after everything BT had done so far. My stance on this and I have had it confirmed legally, is that BT would have to pay compensation for loss of earnings, wasted time on the phone and the stress regardless of whether all services were connected or not, as BT had been given many chances to install and put things right. The woman asked to be given one more chance and that she could get the install for the 20th (8am-1pm) I said this was the absolute last chance for BT and I wouldn’t accept anymore excuses or delays. As normal I was assured it would go ahead and she would keep an eye on it for me (as normal the staff don’t do this)


17/4/15 – Just after 1pm, I receive a text message from BT, informing me that they were sorry, but my installation date had changed from 20th April, to 22nd April (1pm – 6pm) Not even the decency to call anymore, and BT obviously assume that people don’t have anything going on in there lives and can just clear days work all the time to suit BT, again this is appalling service from BT. I immediately called up and was given the usual excuses from BT, which I was sick of hearing by now. I asked to just be put through to a higher level member of staff so I could get some resolve as BT had pushed this situation too far now, and this would be the forth appointment BT had cancelled at the last minute or in one case denied there was even an appointment. After much negotiation he eventually agreed to try and connect me to his manager, he came back after keeping me on hold for a long time and said he couldn’t get hold of me, but said he would arrange for the manager to call me back by 2pm. I said if that’s the best he could do then to call me by 2pm. I didn’t receive the promised call from the manager by 2pm, they eventually called later in the afternoon and as normal offered no resolve and again re-affirmed that I couldn’t claim compensation until all services were connected and if I didn’t connect no compensation would be paid. So agreed to the 22nd, as was only two days later, but meant more time taken off work and more lost earnings! Was told everything would be up and running by midnight on the 22nd


22/4/15 – Engineers turned up in the afternoon and completed the installation, they said they phone wouldn’t be able to receive calls for up to 4 hours but we could make outgoing calls and if BT had said other services would be up and running by midnight then that would be the case. Midnight came and went and no broadband or TV!


23/4/15 – Called BT just before 12pm as still no Broadband or TV, and was told that there had been an problem with activating the broadband and that the TV wouldn’t go active until the broadband was live. I was really annoyed now; after all the delays, lies and awful customer service from BT all I had was a phone line and nothing else. What is the point of telling me everything would be live on the 22nd when that was never the case! I was told that it would be up and running at the latest within 48hrs and would be escalated, he told me he would call me the following morning to update me, but said all services would be up and running by the 28th or 29th April at the very latest, but he would see if it could be fast tracked and would update me when he called the next day.


24/4/15 – No call back as promised from BT, this seems to be standard with BT! I received a text message saying ‘sorry we missed you’. This is a joke as they hadn’t even attempted to call me just sent me a text as they have done in the past. I immediately called BT and spent over an hour on the phone again explaining everything and the fact I was not happy at tall. I told him that I just wanted to cancel and talk to someone about claiming my lost earnings and compensation from BT, as enough was enough. I explained that BT had constantly messed me about, and I was not prepared to let this carry on any longer as enough time and chances had been given. He informed me again as had been done in the past that BT would not pay me any compensation until all services were connected. Why do BT say this, as if you have caused someone to lose out financially due to your failure to keep appointments and leaving it until the last minute, you have to compensate them, regardless of whether they connect or not, especially when so much time and so many chances has been given. I explained this to him, but he said this was BT’s policy. He did tell me that I could cancel, but BT would hold me to the contract I would not receive any refund of the money I had paid (£225.85) for the line rental saver and activation and would still be liable for paying for the term of the broadband and the TV. I told him that how could BT do that when they hadn’t stuck to the terms they had stated and had done nothing they said they would do, had cost me a lot of money in lost earnings, but think they can hold me to a contract when then have so far only connected one out of the three services I took out the contract for. And that took five appointments, hours on the phone and was almost a month late! As far as I am concerned, BT has broken the contract, have not provided services paid for and requested and not stuck to their own time scales, so any contract is void. He told me he did agree and could see that BT had not kept any promises made to me and he would feel exactly the same as I did. He apologized for me just receiving a ‘sorry we missed you text’ and that he had sent a direct message to the person that was meant to call me requesting that they call me on Saturday 25th to update me on the fast track.


26/4/15 – No phone call from BT, on Saturday 25th as promised! I received a text message from BT saying my BT order has been delayed and an engineer would visit on 6th May between 8am-1pm. Now this is the last straw for me as it has been nothing but let down after let down from BT and it’s staff. They never accept any responsibility and always try to lay the blame on someone else. How can it take so long after the phone line was connected to have my broadband and TV connected? The 6th May will be almost 6 weeks after the original install was due to happen and going form BT’s past service I doubt that it will happen on this date as all my trust has now been lost.


In short I have:



  • Lost out financially due to taking a lot of time off work for four failed appointments by BT (I want to be compensated for all my lost earnings)
  • BT only call at the last minute if at tall to tell me they can’t make the appointment, so is too late to re-arrange work
  • Spent towards ten hours on the phone to BT, all a waste of my time, as nothing gets resolved.
  • I have been lied to by BT on several different occasions, and even told I had no appointment when it was on the ‘My BT’ screen in front of me (have a screen shot of this appointment)
  • Lied to by BT about call backs, which never happen, texts saying ‘Sorry we missed you’ when they didn’t even call.
  • Had numerous staff at BT, tell me they would take control of the account and update me and keep in contact. This never happens.
  • Had to contact Virgin Media several times to extend the cancellation and am going to have to do this for the third time now, going from the 6th May appointment. This is costing me a lot more than had I not cancelled as all loyalty discounts are removed from the account.



I have received what I can only describe as the worst customer service and treatment I have ever had from a company, and it is totally unacceptable. What I would like to know is what BT are prepared to do to put everything they have done and all the lost earnings and stressed that they have caused right? And why I have received delay after delay and after all this time only have a phone line and no broadband and TV, you have only provided one out of three services almost a month after everything was meant to be active.


I have been with every major phone and broadband supplier over the years and have never had any issues with installs or delays on service. With BT it has just been one disappointment after another and have been bullied into seeing the services connected because I was told on several occasions that no compensation would be due unless I connected and that I could cancel but would have to see out the term of my contract. This is disgusting, because if BT had done what was agreed we would never be in this situation now, and the blame lies 100% with BT for all of this.


If I can’t leave BT due to BT claiming I am in a contract term even though I don’t have all services active and be compensated for all my lost earnings, time on the phone to customer services and stress, what are you prepared to do to put this right?


I will be taking legal advice on this in the next couple of working days and contacting Ofcom, and any other regulatory bodies, as well as Watchdog and any other press / media that would be interested in this situation.


If we can’t agree on compensation I will be looking to sue BT for the above.


I look forward to your response and hope you can see what BT have done and tell me how BT are going to put this right.



Yours Faithfully

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Re: Disgusted with BT - Delay on install, told less than one working day before

Have to say hats off to the CEO, he replied to me within half an hour on a Sunday, and have also have an email from a woman in the Exectutive Level Service Team, telling me they will call tomorrow to and try to put everything right.


Will update in due course.



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