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Disgusted with engineer

I want to voice my disgust with the whole of this BT service.


Having renewed my contract with BT in April/May 2013 I had no end of issues with my service. The line was intermittently crackly and my broadband kept dropping out and hardly ever went over 0.02mb. I was constantly ringing BT and kept going through the routine of line tests, removing the front socket, etc etc which after a few months became quite labourious until one day they informed me it was my phone that was causing the crackle and so the reduced speed. I unplugged my phone and within days the intermittent broadband came back.

I rang BT who said it was something to do with the exchange and I had to wait days for the service to be you can guess this didnt fix my problems so BT said then it was my ASDL filters and sent me new ones (actually they forgot to send them and so I had to call BT again to chase). Having got the ASDL filters- guess what it still didnt fix my issues!!

I asked for a new hub to which I was told I couldnt have a new hub as I was managing to get on line (although intermittently) and I would have to have an engineer out. I was reluctant to have one out as I knew I would end up in the situation I am in now....

Eventually I agreed to have an engineer out as I couldnt put up with the crackle or the lack of was now November.

Engineer came and guess fault found!!! And the line was amazingly crackle free....Typical. The engineer said he couldnt understand why I had such poor broadband speed as my line was clear and suggested I get a new hub. 

So another phone call to BT to demand a new hub. I got the hub and have had brilliant download speed of 16.89 ever since and still no crackling on the line. Terrific, problem sorted!

I called BT and asked for some compensation which they gave me...only £25 but better than a kick in the teeth so I accepted this payment.

All great until today 20/01/14 2 months after the engineer came to my address where I see BT have charged and taken the engineer fee from my bank.

FUMING!!!!!!!! Rang BT and as usual, hour long waits and lengthy calls and being passed from one person to another to be told that I had to pay as the engineer had wrote that the problem was my 'extension wire'. WHAT EXTENSION WIRE?????????? I dont have one!!!!! 

I am disgusted with this. I asked for a hub before the engineer came and BT wouldnt give me one. Then after the engineer has been they give me one and charge me for the engineers visit. This couldve all been avoided and I would be £129 better off. I feel like its all one big scam. Big company like BT and they are robbing g**ts....if they didnt spend so much money on BT Sports they wouldnt have to rip us consumers off!!

I am now about to file a complaint to BT Openreach about this engineer. And I will be leaving BT as soon as this poxy contract comes to an end.

Id be interested in hearing if anyone else has recently experienced similar instances.

Off now for another lengthy call to BT to start my complaint!

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Distinguished Sage
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Re: Disgusted with engineer

Obviously you have had a pretty poor service from BT. The moderators have been informed of your problem. Once they have read this they may be able to help. They are a BT UK based team and if they can help they will reply via this post.

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Re: Disgusted with engineer

BT call centers will say anything to try and justify charges. That may not actually be what the engineer had written. 

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Re: Disgusted with engineer

Hi disgruntledcustomer,


I'm sorry about the problems you've had with your broadband and we'll be happy to look into why the engineer has raised the charge. Please use the 'contact the mods' link in my forum profile under the 'about me' section to send in your details. You can find the link by clicking on my username.



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