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Disgusting Service From BT

Where do i start......


I signed upto bt calling plan and broadband option 2 on 28 feb 2011, my phoneline was a 12 month contract and my broadband was for 18 months.

Ref number ( 1309184376 )

Everything seamed to be going ok until one day october 2011 i called BT to ask them to remove a calls addon ( anytime calls ) so i could go back to just free evening and weekend calls.

I spoke to a lady who told me the addon would be removed by my next bill, she seamed to be very clear on that, call ended as i was told everything was in order.

Two days letter i have no internet, i call bt to say that i have no internet.. BT advisor asks me for my account number, i give them it, Bt then tells me "im sorry but you do not have a broadband account only a phoneline with us"

I try to explain to bt that i do have bb with you and i had it until 2 days ago... bt lady looks into it im on hold for 5 mins,

Bt lady comes back to me to say "yes i can see you requested to have your broadband cancelled a couple of days ago" i said ihave not requested this...

BT lady says "yes you have, and we have terminated it, and you have been billed over £140 in charges"

Totally shocked and feeling dizzy abit by all this... i ask to speak to someone in charge...

I get to speak with someone in complaints, who tells me that BT have made a mistake and bascily cut me off and deleted my broadband account.

Im told that the only way to get back online is for BT to open a new account for Broadband which will take 7 days. I told BT that i dont want to sign up for another new contract and BT complaints told me that the new account would work off my old contract date 28 feb 2011, i was that would not be changed or affected.

I said ok to this, i also asked for ref to this call which i was told i didnt need as all this info would be noted on my account.

Bt told me that the charges they took from me would be given back, but i had to wait another 7 days for this to happen.

I got my money back but, but then problems seam to get worse.

Once i got re-connected i my internet 3 days after went offline, i contacted bt again i explained what had happened last time i spoke and bt told me there was no info or notes on my account regarding me being cut off, i was told my contract started on nov 2011 foe 18 months...

Totally gob smacked i said to bt that i had spoken to complaints department about this and they dealt with it all, BT advisor told me there was nothing on my account to show any old disconnections or closed accounts.

If it were not for me saving my paper work via royal mail then i would not have had much proof.

After telling BT that i had all origanal docs to back me up, bt got back intouch to say sorry we made a mistake.

My net was back online and i was told these errors would not happen again as my account had been noted yet again about mistakes made to it.

1 month after all this, my net has died again, i contact bt to see why, BT said ( the heavy rain has affected your router, and therefore your connection is off and on till better weather comes ). I said how can rain affect my router inside my house?

Im told bad weather is to blame and that my homehub3 wont work when there is heavy rain.

Ive never heard anything so stupid in my life......

I asked how can rain affect a wired router indoors ?

Im told its the weather and it will be fixed soon, im asked to reboot my router then turn it off for 2 hours then put it back on.

3 hours past and i turned router on all was working, but it was still heavy rain outside,,, how odd? when i was told the rain makes it stop working.

2 months on my net again is offline i ring BT to ask again whats wrong now and im told this time that my connections fine and to reboot my router. I told BT that im fedup with the service here and that when my contract runs out in Aug 2012 i will not be renewing. But the BT lady said to me your contract runs longer than that and if u leave in aug you will get charged.. again getting angry and stressed over constantly being told my contracts changed i ask to speak to someone again in complaints.

Im put through to someone who... it goes like this .. " What" i say hello who is this, and someone says "WHAT" i ask are you complaints? and they say "yes, whats wrong" i said areu not going to ask me my name or account number?

And the guy says "no" then hangs up on me.

I ring back to complaints and suprise suprise no one knows about the call i just made, no one has any info about what just happened?

The lady im through to this time asks me my name and account number then my issues, i go over it all again what happened to my account and that i was told it would be all fixed. At this point im fedup with having to explain myself over and over and over again.

Bt look into my account and say they have noted that my contract ends in aug 2012 and that iwont get any charges.  I ask again to make sure and im told in a rude manner like there angry at me " it is all done now is that all" i say yes im about to say thanks and the lady says goodbye, i just say ok bye and leave it at that.

in july 2012 i contact bt to tell them im leaving in aug and i request that i have my MAC code so i can move to (plusnet) im told thats fine and that i must ring back in 2-3 weeks for the MAC code.

I ring back in 3 weeks for the code and im giving it, BT say they are sorry im leaving, I give the MAC code to plusnet 2 weeks after i move to plusnet with broadband and phone.

My account on BT shows as phoneline contract moved/ended. But my broadband shows as active even when plusnet are using my mac code and im using their internet.

I contact BT to ask why my BB is still in use, and im told my broadband has another 8 months or so left, totally disgusted and shocked i again have to explain about my account being deleted by mistake and what bt told.. and that bt had told me many times it was all being sorted and i had not to worry, but ive worried every month since the whole mess started.

Im passed around to different people then im told by someone in complaints that im correct about everything ive said about my account. But im told bt BT that plusnet did not let BT know they had my MAC code?

Im told by Bt to contact plusnet and tell them this issue, i contacted plusnet who told me that they did contact BT and that by using the MAC code also proves ive switched over too.

BT tell me that because ive not told them i was moving " which i did " I still have a contract for broadband, bearing in mind it was supposed to me logged on my account that my contract ended for my bt services in Aug 2012. Also on my account it was stated that i would be able to leave without any charges... as i was going off my orignal contract date.

Bt said they would post me paper work of a final bill and that there would be no cancellation charges and everything was in order.

This was a few week ago, today i get mail to say i have a final bill of £11 to settle, i login to my bt account and pay it, then my broadband account says next bill is after next month ????

I contacted BT today to say how can i have another bill, i was told i leave this month, im told over the phone by complaints that they are sorry.

Im told " We have a manger looking into it now and that your account should have been cancelled and that its not correct for it to be still active " Im told again that i will get paperwork in a couple of days to say that it closed and that any extra bills ive paid for will be given back to me from july 2012.

But how is it that all these mistakes have carried on happening ???

Im sick to death of contacting BT support/complaints and being told its all being looked into then months down the line, no one knows whats going on..........

Im disgusted with the way ive been treated at BT.

As it stands ive asked to speak to the people above complaints department and im awaiting a call within 48 hours, i want to push this complaint right to the top after i said that this has caused me nothing but stress and a feeling of sickness. Im told today on the phone that BT do not compensate for all the stress they have caused me.

What are my rights here ?

BT admited to deleting my account, but i feel tried to cover it up! And sign me upto a new account for longer period....

As it stands now im waiting 24 hours for bt to remove by broadband account... then thats me done. But ive heard this all before... ive saved the chat log i had with the complaints department today, which also had a ref to it.



And how is it that BT told me my phoneline only supports 8 meg, when with BT i only ever got between 6-7 meg speeds, but ive been with my new isp a few weeks now (plusnet) and for the first 10 days i was getting 10 meg speeds, after the 10 day cooling period i get 9 meg speeds.


But BT always told me my line could ONLY support 8??????????


I feel disugested and cheated and sick about the way BT have handled my accounts and the way they have spoken to me over the phone. I wish i had never ever signed upto BT.


So what happens now then ? do you just sweep me under the carpet with any other customers who have had same issues?


Will BT actully do anything about this? Will BT learn from this? Will BT send me a letter via post explaing what went wrong and that they are sorry ???



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Re: Disgusting Service From BT

Hi ukste,


I am really sorry that you have had so many problems with BT.  Your post makes for some grim reading and I a terribly sorry that your straight forward requests went so badly wrong.


I'll be happy to have a look over things as they as stand at the moment and ensure that the closure of your account and cessation of billing occur without problems.  The Mod team can act as a single point of contact for you which will save a lot of confusion and give you a direct route back to the same case handler.


Once you are satisfied that everything has been taken care of we can review your account and find out what went wrong and why and then pass are findings to the individuals involved along with their managers to stop this sort of thing happening again.


Could you drop me in an email please? Use the 'contact us' form in my forum profile under the 'about me' section. You can find it by clicking on my username.



BTCare Community Mod

If we have asked you to email us with your details, please make sure you are logged in to the forum, otherwise you will not be able to see our ‘Contact Us’ link within our profiles.

We are sorry but we are unable to deal with service/account queries via the private message(PM) function so please don't PM your account info, we need to deal with this via our email account :-)”
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Re: Disgusting Service From BT

Ive dropped you an e-mail, Ive requested you do not contact me today as im rather stressed and need time to cool off. If you do want to contact me call tomorrow.

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Re: Disgusting Service From BT

Craig did u look into my account then ? Did you see all the problems ? My account still shows me having active broadband....


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Re: Disgusting Service From BT

Ive had a phone call from someone in the complaints department this about 4 mins ago, who told me that i must wait another month to see what the final bill is and that charges in my account will be removed. But i dont understand as ive just paid a final bill yesterday of £11.78.


The account was supposed to end this month but is going to be active for another month...


Im told any charges ive paid for from july will be refunded but cant be refunded untill 3 weeks time. Its shocking,,,


Altho the lady on the phone was polite it felt like she was rushing to get me off the phone when i was asking questions.


And when the final bill arrives i have to cantact BT? Why dont BT contact me? This is a BT fault not mine 😞

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Re: Disgusting Service From BT

Smiley Frustrated

Aspiring Expert
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Re: Disgusting Service From BT

First off complain to Trading Standards, give BT a reasonable amount of time to reinstate your account as it was before they done a hatchet job on it. If they fail to reinstate your account within a reasonable time, or try to extend your contract, charge you more etc, consider seeing a solicitor.  


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Re: Disgusting Service From BT

Hi Craig or one of the forum Moderation team will contact you personally by either email or phone normally within 3 working days
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