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Ok, I don't complain. Ever. I once had a plastic water bottle lid in my meal at London's top French restaurant. No big deal.


But this BT Sport is diabolical. I will be writing to the FA, as part of the huge wedge BT has bid for this PL season and next comes from the 44 quid I spaff every month on BT Infinity. Oh, and a derelict land line I don't use...


I am watching Liverpool-Everton 28/1/14 on my lap top. Why, precisely at kick-off does my Inifinity broadband suddenly get "limited connection" and lose the website? Dire. I also missed the Sturridge first goal, just stuttered in the buffering or whatever.

It sounds like Michael Owen is commentating underwater most of the time and mostly, it looks like it too. Your OB transmission is very poor. Hence I will be suggesting via an actually physical letter to the FA, my MP and the Secretary of Sport that they revisit BT's ability to provide this service.


Case study #2: FA Cup, Sheffield U v. Fulham (my team). Dire game, but BT Sport on laptop died again four minutes from time. Ok it was a rubbish game and a 1-1 draw but this is very very poor.


Case study ~3: very first game of the season, same again at kick-off.


After this season I will vote with my feet and change telco provider.


I pity you support people working in BT IT.



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