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Do BT Phones work elsewhere in the world?

I live in South Africa and I recently bought a BT phone (BT Granite) online.


I can't make or receive calls, so I'm wondering  if anyone knows how to get the phone to work here. 


Half the problem may be that we have different telephone plugs & sockets here and the phone didn't come with an adaptor.  I happened to have an adaptor from an old modem and tried that, but still no luck.

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Re: Do BT Phones work elsewhere in the world?

It depends on various factors:

Voltage of the telephone network & Electrical sockets.

Also, it depends on whether it's authorised for use on the network.

May be best getting a phone that is designed to work in SA 🙂
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Re: Do BT Phones work elsewhere in the world?

After having spent so much money on it and waiting so long for it to arrive, I'd rather not give up just yet. To my knowledge both SA phone lines and BT phones are 50 volts, but I'm no electrician.


Surely someone at BT should know if there phones work in South Africa or not?

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Re: Do BT Phones work elsewhere in the world?

I am not an expert but a Modem cable probably won't work.  Modem phone cables are often crossed. It might just work if you get a straight through connection cable.


I would try using a proper RJ11->RJ11 for it to stand any chance of working. Worth trying for $3 [US].



Some examples are shown here:



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Re: Do BT Phones work elsewhere in the world?

Hi Tommy


The phone itself comes with a cable that has an RJ11 plug on one end and a BT plug on the other.  The RJ11 fits into the phone and a BT plug is supposed to fit into the wall. 


Here in South Africa though, we have RJ11 sockets in the wall, not BT sockets.  So we initially tried using an ordinary SA phone cable (RJ11 plug to RJ11 plug), but when that didn't work, we noticed in the manual it says we must use the cable provided.


That's when we figured we might need an adaptor with a BT Socket on one end and an RJ11 plug on the other.  Sadly to import one is quite pricey and takes about 3 weeks to get here.  I don't want to do it unless I know for sure it will fix the problem.


I emailed BT Shop about this as a product enquiry and they mailed back saying "Unfortunately im unable to inform you whether you can or can't if you ring freephone 0800800150 they should be able to let you know." ... however the number doesn't work in South Africa.

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Re: Do BT Phones work elsewhere in the world?


i was wondering if you ever found a solution to your problem of connecting the UK BT phones to the SA sockets? I have a set of 3 BT graphite phones which I am trying to connect with RJ11 connectors but I don't have a dialing tone.

Please let me know if you had any success!


Yvonne - South Africa.

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Re: Do BT Phones work elsewhere in the world?

this thread is over 5yrs old and poster has never been back to forum

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