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Do I Upgrade or not to BT Infinity?

Hi all,


As always if it works leave well alone.


I am referring to my current ADSL wired connection of course, it’s fine after upgrading the disastrous BT home hub originally supplied because it kept overheating and locking out as the majority of you experienced.   Cheap China products made to look good on the outside but disastrously cheap and nasty components on the inside. A good quality Cisco ADSL router and matching MPS speed Cisoc small business switcher gave major improvements and sustained longevity, fingers still crossed as always with I.T. for the last three years.


So the big BT is offering me a complete free Infinity package Wow “Should I stay or should I go”?


If I am to heed the complaints on this forum then I should clearly stay wired and leave fibre optic where it is?   


However a few techie questions which hopefully the techie heads out there may be able to respond to as these questions when asked of BT have not been responded to for over 4 months. I have phoned 5 times but I cannot understand one word or sentence from the call centre in Mumbai, let alone them understanding me and or my questions below. Bring back British workers British Telecom, PLEASE ok PRETTY PLEASE?


  • How can any Fibre optic upgrade give the ultimate speed improvement when the connection from the BT hub is via a cat5 wire into the PC’s wired GigE port? All of the speed gain via fibre is now being blocked by a copper wire surely?


  • Surely the ultimate speed upgrade is fibre optic cable from the hub into PCI x16 express card that accepts a fibre optic cable?


  • OK let’s go further back down the line to the BT exchange………..
    • How is the connection made to your home from the Fibre Exchange Cabinet (FBC) on the street, a copper cable or fibre optic cable? Commonly known as FTTC Fibre to the Cabinet from the local exchange. If the connection is via copper cable from the FBC then how can ultimate speeds be achieved? Again slight speed gain to the FBC via fibre optic from the exchange but then blocked and slowed down again by the use of copper wire from the FBC to the home?
    • To achieve ultimate speeds then surely a (FTTH) or (FTTP) Fibre to the Home or Premises would give the ultimate speed. But, when I ask BT these questions they will not respond, does anyone know?

Happy answers

The Question Man


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Re: Do I Upgrade or not to BT Infinity?

Hi TheQuestionMan,


BT Infinity is just BT Retail's brandname for their Fibre broadband service (Both FTTC and FTTP)


FTTC is where fibre comes from the exchange to your local FTTC cabinet (that is linked to your PCP) then from the cabinets it uses the existing copper line to your property.


FTTC fibre broadband currently enables a upto 80mbps broadband service, though this will depend on how far away you are from the FTTC cabinet and the quality of your landline.


FTTC fibre broadband uses VDSL or VDSL2 signals that travel from the FTTC cabinet to your property via the existing copper (sometimes aluminium) line. The further away you are from your FTTC cabinet the slower the fibre FTTC broadband will be.

However VDSL/2 signals used for FTTC broadband connection degrade far quicker in terms of distance than conventional ADSL broadband signal do.


Generally speaking if your landline is over 1500 meters in length from the FTTC cabinet to your property then you may not be able to get BT Infinity as you may not be able to achieve over 15mbps from an FTTC service.


Here is a graph that shows the ADSL(G.DMT,ADSL2 and ADSL2+) and VDSL/2 (FTTC) signal with distance. Please be aware that all ADSL connections are depend on distance from local exchange, where as FTTC (VDSL/2) connections are depend on distance from your FTTC (DSLAM) cabinet. Though all connection types are also depend on line quality.


As to the Cat5e cable, this is capable of achieving upto 1000 Mbps, so is currently fine for use on both FTTC or FTTP connections.


You can check your estimations for FTTC fibre broadband by either going to the BT Wholesale Database or BT Infinity website


Hope that helps,


jac_95 | Help Site | BT Service Status
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Re: Do I Upgrade or not to BT Infinity?

Standard cat5e ethernet will happily carry 100Mbps over quite long cable runs, and 1Gbps on shorter runs, so it's hardly a bottleneck.  Standard FTTC Infinity only goes up to 80Mbps anyway, so it's not a limitation.


As you say, FTTC is fibre to the cabinet, then copper wire to the home.  It doesn't deliver the "ultimate" speed, and never will do.  "Ultimate" speed would probably be 100Gbps fibre all the way from your home to the Internet.  You can get that if you want, and it will cost you a fortune - LINX are willing to offer it to you at only £7900/month provided it's available in your area*.  Failing that, you could slum it at only 10Gbps at a bargain £1315 a month.


Back in the real world, that last bit of copper cable limits you to about 80Mbps over short runs, 15Mbps in the worst case.  Given that ADSL2+ tops out at only 20Mbps, it's still faster.


FTTP should go up to 300Mbps, but is only available in limited areas so far.  It will be available, if you're prepared to wait.


*that's just for the connection, how you get the fibre from your home to them is up to you.

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Re: Do I Upgrade or not to BT Infinity?

FTTP/H will be the ultimate connection and as the max speed on offer ATM is 330Mbps can be handled easily by the CAT5e cable and the PC's GigE port.


FTTC can deliver speeds of up to 80Mbps over copper at present but is dependant on distance from the Cab.




Only you can decide if it is worth changing, bear in mind all help forums are there for people with problems and are usually a minority of customers.