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Do I need YouView box for BT Sport

Hi. I have just signed up to BTSport and Infinity and received Youview box. At present I don't see BT Sport channels but I suspect I haven't yet been setup for it (4th Feb apparently).


My question is simple do I actually need the Youview box? - more clutter ! - On my Samsung SmartTV I have all the Freeeview and on-demand channels anyway and I also see Freeview channels for BT Sport 1 and 2 so is it possible to ditch it and just use the TV ?


ps - how do you change the colour hue on it - its much to rich and bright out of the box?



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Re: Do I need YouView box for BT Sport

Do I need the youview box, Yes you do. Only other option I can see is to connect up a laptop via hdmi and stream it from there. Much more clutter

Any way the new Youvioew box is pretty small



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Re: Do I need YouView box for BT Sport

You need something to stream the sports channel. The youview box is the best way (also allows it in hd if you pay for HD), but you can also use laptop or Chromecast if you don't want another box. There is talk of a smart TV app but I think this is a bit down the list of improvements at the moment so don't expect anything this year...


The freeview sports channels have gone (BT 2 has already ceased transmitting and 1 is due to stop about June), there is no option to sign up for these anyway without the old vision box as you need the cam slot (not to mention BT don't accept sign up anymore). They were always just a short term option until the bb coverage was at an acceptable level.

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Re: Do I need YouView box for BT Sport

The *big* plus of having a Youview box is that you can record the BT Sport channels to watch at your own convenience rather than having to be available there and then to watch the live stream.

It would be nice if BT followed Eurosport Player which allows you to chase play the stream up to three hours behind live.

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