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Do I need a IP Profile reset?

Hi Everyone....


Our villiage got a new street cabinet and has been online for a couple of months and initially my Inifity 2 was connecting ( According to my HH6 ) at 75Mbps Down and 20Mbps Up. Sadly, due to a couple of power cuts/blips ( I live in south Norfolk! ) and the HH either restarting itself or the VDSL connection restarting the download speed has gradually reduced to 48Mbps.


When I placed the order, BT gave me a guaranteed minimum speed of 63Mbps down, so I logged a call. A "Network Specialist" came out this time, the previous engineer didn't even bother to turn up!!, checked all the wiring and fitted a new eaves connection/cover, and a Openreach 5C master socket which the HH6 is directly plugged into now ( as the line reported a bridge tap error, which has now cleared ). He carried out a DLM reset over the phone using the 17070 number and when the line dropped and came back up it had increased to just over 52Mbps since it has dropped slightly to 52Mbps.


Now, compared to the 0.6Mpbs I was getting, 52Mbps is absolutly brilliant, but it is obvously not as good as the 63Mbps that I was guaranteed as a minimum ( and I have in an email ).


So, I guess a few questions....


1) Could the issue be that the DML/IP Profile has settled on a slower speed due to the issues just after it was installed?

2) Is the DLM reset that the engineer carried out via the 17070 number the same as a IP profile reset?

3) Is what I am getting now the fastest I should expect, given I am about 400 meters from the new street cabinet?

4) When I carry out the BT wholesale speed test the results are good, but I can not run the "Further Diagnostics" test as it says:


"The Performance Tester is currently unable to run a speed test for your broadband connection. Please try again shortly, however if this problem persists, raise the issue with your service provider."


So I can not see what my current IP profile is and that this could indeed be an issue.


This is the output from the "BT Broadband Availability checker"


Screen Shot 2017-07-31 at 22.59.49.png


and my current HH6 stats:


Screen Shot 2017-07-31 at 23.03.47.png


If anyone has any thoughts/pointers then I would be glad to hear....


Many Thanks,


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Re: Do I need a IP Profile reset?

DLM won't help here. Something else is causing the speeds to be reduced.

Do you have extensions? Regardless of whether they are in use.

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Re: Do I need a IP Profile reset?

1. No, your IPP is dependant on your sync speed not the other way around. It's your sync speed that has dropped.

2. No, a DLM reset is far more wide ranging and basically sets it off retraining afresh. Didn't know they could do it over 17070.

3. Your decreased sync speed is probably due to increased cross-talk as more & more connections are added to the cab. This is very common with FTTC as more users join in. Still you are below the Handback Threshold if you are on a Clean line.

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Re: Do I need a IP Profile reset?

Yes, there are extensions but the openreach guy said now I have the new master socket the internal wiring is now "isolated" so therefore not an issue.

It's weird how it was stable at over 70Mbps for a couple of days, but I am not really sure how this all works if I am honest.
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Re: Do I need a IP Profile reset?

He used my home phone to dial 17070 for the reset and my phone remembers what he typed in including the authorisation number you need to type in.
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Re: Do I need a IP Profile reset?

try connecting directly to the test socket
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Re: Do I need a IP Profile reset?

Ok, I did try that before and the sync speed was the same as when plugged in to the normal port which is why this time they sent out a new engineer. But I will try it again tomorrow night after work. Should I see the sync speed increase immediately?
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Re: Do I need a IP Profile reset?

you should see the max data rate increase straight away
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Re: Do I need a IP Profile reset?

As @john46 has said you should see the max data rate increase immediately. If it does then the fault is internal and could possibly a faulty faceplate even though it is a new one.


It wouldn't be the first time and certainly not the last.

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Re: Do I need a IP Profile reset?

Hi again.


I have just plugged by HH6 directly into the test socket and the speed is now 49Mbps ( screenshot below )


Screen Shot 2017-08-01 at 18.04.37.png


and I tested that my extensions no longer work with the faceplate disconnected, so it is definately wired correctly and disconnecting my internal wiring.


So hopefully this means the slow sync speed is not a fault in my house?!? Am I correct to assume that?

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