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Do I really need to be charged £130 for a new landline?


I'm moving into a rented house soon so I'm currently trying to set up broadband and a landline. Initally when I first tried to do this it was cancelled because the previous tenants, who had Sky Broadband and a landline, still had the account in their name and I therefore couldn't make any changes. I was told by someone from BT to have the previous tenants cancel their Sky broadband and landline, so my landlords contacted the previous tenants and they waited until their contract ended on the 18th of August to have it cancelled.

On the 19th, I then put an order in for the BT broadband package I wanted (Unlimited Infinity 2), and when I was going through the order form online it asked me if there was a working phone line which I'm the account holder for, which there isn't, so I selected the box which said I wanted a new BT phone line.

Initially the email I revicieved containing all my order details did not have anything about a £130 charge for a new phone line but then I got another one through a few hours later which included it.


I was under the impression that no additional instalation was nessecary and that all that had to be done was to have the old landline cancelled so a new one could takeover?
From what I've read about it, it seems as if they are expecting to have to completely install a phone line system in the house depsite there alreay being a phone line system installed, it's just inactive. Do I really need a whole new landline installed altogether with an engineer visiting to set it up or is there another option here? 


Hope that all makes sense 🙂

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Re: Do I really need to be charged £130 for a new landline?

Unfortunately, the £130 is a standard charge which Openreach levy if they have to do any work at all to connect a line.


If Sky were asked to cancel the line, then Openreach may have gone to the exchange and unplugged the wires.  In which case, you will have to pay to send somebody back to the exchange to plug them in again.


Have you tried plugging in a phone and listening for a dial tone?  If the line is completely dead, the charge applies.  If you get a dial tone, you should not need to pay - contact BT again to sort it out.  If there is a dial tone, then dialling 17070 should give you a recorded message telling you the phone number of the line.

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