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Do billing live outside the real world?

Long story short.


Always used to pay by quartly direct debit only.


Few years ago started to also pay via BT Card at post Office & any balance remaining was taken by direct debit.


This week get message on PC from BT telling me to call them re a billing issue.


Called them and was told that my direct debit had failed as my bank had "not responded to it".


Called bank and was told they had no record of it.


Called BT back and explained this. Advisor had no suggestions. I suggested that we cancel the current direct debit and create a new one. Advisor agreed and did this for me, telling me payment would be taken in approx 10 days.


Today received a call from BT at 8-55pm asking why I hadnt paid my bill.


Explained that I had contacted them and it had been sorted, and after they looked properly at records agreed that it looked like it had been and didnt know why they rang me.


Asked to make a complaint and was put on hold.


Guess what? Line went dead and as its after 9pm they dont answer now.


Now as I have no confidence in the "fully trained staff" in the foreign call centre that I could hardly understand I have paid it online by card just in case they really mess it up.


Any chance a moderator can fiund out what on earth is going on with  my account, why it went on, why I was hassled twice and why if they knew it was cutting off time I was put on hold?


I was looking at infinity but now if this is the level of service wonder if I really want to tie in to another BT contract or just go elsewhere.



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Re: Do billing live outside the real world?

I find that with BT the old "If it aint broke dont fix it " applies so I try very hard to change nothing that is working with BT

If any post helps tick the star box on the left
Just cause Im paranoid dont mean they are not out to get me

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Re: Do billing live outside the real world?

Ive tried to put in complaints in the past, they ALWAYS hang up on you. At first i thought it was a mistake, but its not as i have put in 5 over the past 5 yrs and all bar on (the first one) hung up on me!


The first complaint was logged (apparantly) but never deealt with, not even a letter.


BT are a bunch of idiots

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Re: Do billing live outside the real world?

Ive had the same problem with trying to complain about the whole fiasco.


First spend ages pressing this n that n the other.


Then get thru to someone who says "Can you hold please I need to transfer you"


Then line goes dead.


However ! !  Ass soon as I mentioned leaving BT due to the appauling service I get to speak to a UK ( Yippee  ) person and they dont take the complaint details as such, but decide to help me by almost halving my monthly costs for line, BB and BTV.


I think the moral of the story is that its good to talk to BT, but its better to threaten to walk



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Re: Do billing live outside the real world?

OMG ! ! !


I'm sat here at work at 9-17am on a Sunday morning minding my own business and I've just had a phone call from BT to apologise for all of the problems that they have caused me ! !


The very honest person admitted that the faults had been BT's, that it hadnt been dealt with properly, that my account shouldn't have been dealt with in the way it was and that none of it was my fault.


I'm the first to moan and complain when I have a problem like this, but I have to admit that I didnt expect a phone call to apologise from BT, and especially not on a Sunday morning.


No offer of a goodwill gesture for all the hassles they have caused me, but at least the person who called did sound honestly apologetic and knew about all of the various problems before I discussed them with him so had at least taken the time to read thru the files and understand why I was miffed.



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