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Do not bill me for the next quarter - I am off

Right after losing 4mb of speed in the last week  (coincidently just before my bill is due) i have decided to migrate to another provider.


So don`t bother billing me in advance for the next quarter (Due Today) as i will be leaving BT and getting my phone & BB from another provider.


I have cancelled my direct debit with my bank and will be ATTEMPTING to get my MAC Monday morning at 9am.


Another provider have told me if there are any problems they will deal with the MAC/Migration side of things,


You really need to sort your csutomer service out, you treat your customers as if they are dumb idiots who nothing about computers/netwoks and ADSL implementation.




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Aspiring Expert
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Re: Do not bill me for the next quarter - I am off

Can i ask why the ISP i am migrating to was edited from my original post? Surely we are allowed to mention other ISP`s by name?


I also now see my SNR has dropped from 12db (still at 9db though 😞

i now have another 2mb back, but i am still 2mb short of what i had,

my connection was rock solid at 13000kbs+ with 6db SNR for months.


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