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Documentary channels no longer provided

Morning all,

I have received a letter from BT informing me that they will no longer be providing a number of channels such as discovery, crime etc. 

I'm pretty disappointed by this as I love watching these documentary channels and it would have affected my original decision to extend my contract with BT if I'd known these were disappearing.

My question is, is this something I can request my contract be terminated over? I don't want to pay for another year and not have the channels I originally signed up for.

Many thanks. 

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Re: Documentary channels no longer provided

I assume that you are on the Classic Entertainment, (or equvalen),package? It has been known for some time that some channels are going to be removed in the coming months: (from BT's website)

"The following channels are being removed from this package from 1st March: Sky History, Lifetime, Crime & Investigation and Vice. From 1st April, Syfy and E! will also be removed."

You mentioned Discovery - have you been advised that this will also be removed soon? I notice that the current channel list for Classic Entertainment does not include Discovery Science or Discovery Turbo?

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Re: Documentary channels no longer provided

Thanks for your reply.

My mistake the channels disappearing in March are History,History 2, SyFy, E!, Crime + Investigation and lifetime.

But these include channels I want and watch. It would have made me think twice about renewing had these channels not been available.

So am I able to cancel my subscription because of it?

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Re: Documentary channels no longer provided

i really like the history channels .. very disappointed

BT seems to do everything possible to make the tv service worse and more expensive 

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Re: Documentary channels no longer provided

Shouldn’t BT have to reduce the monthly cost if they are offering no less services ?? 

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Re: Documentary channels no longer provided


I think that it is quite clear that they do not want to provide the legacy channels any more and by making the "old" package less and less value for money they are encouraging people to shift to NowTV - but making it the customer's choice rather than closing the old package down and forcing change?

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